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  1. Is the vacuum tank vent supposed to be plugged or open when running??
  3. This is the bottom plate of the oil pump, there is some vey lite wear from the gears that lay right on the plate. Are the gears supposed to lay right on the plate? The plate is brass although the picture doesn't show it.
  4. The pressure relief valve has such a strong spring in it I doubt it would ever open.
  5. I was using 10w-30w Pennzoil. Don't know the RPMs but much more than needed and the pressure would barely rise when hot. I was wondering if there was anything I could do before I put this oil pan back on?
  6. My 1926 Buick Standard has 25# oil pressure cold that drops to 0 when hot. I have the oil pan off and the pump apart but I see nothing wrong. Could any one tell me what I could possibly do to help this problem??? Delbert Stallings
  7. I know it has been a while since this was posted but is this bumper still available??
  8. I Finally have a manifold had the heat riser cross over blocked, radiator shop cleaned and ok,ed radiator, but it gets hot, water pump is leaking. Do I rebuild it. And how. Thank
  9. I am still in need of an exhaust manifold #187708-1. Thanks
  10. Would it have a exhaust manifold #187708-1, I really need one. Thank you. 479-806-0194
  11. I am in need of 1926 Buick Exhaust Manifold.
  12. I am in need of 1926 Buick Exhaust Manifold.
  13. I am in need of 1926 Buick Exhaust Manifold.