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  1. I assume after all this time the engine has been sold
  2. Can someone tell me if the head on a Chrysler 72 will fit onto a Chrysler 75? Can i bore out my 75 block to 77 spec.? Does anyone have a redhead for a 75, mine is cracked, has been laser welded but appears to have a small leak? Does anyone know where i can get a manifold fabricated for twin SUs on a Chrylser 75? Thanks.
  3. I have been told that the block on the '75 is the same as the block used into the fifties, can anyone confirm this for me. Could i use a lter block to build up an engine for my car?
  4. Very many thanks to all who have given their input. I have decided that the best approach is to rebuild the engine to its original specification, the 'red head' is away being laser welded, the rad being repaired and the engine is scheduled to come out in a week or two. I will keep you posted, Many thanks, David.
  5. Does anybody know if the Chrysler 72 Red Head is the same as the Chrysler 75 and or if it will fit the '75?
  6. Hi Rusty, It's great when the car is on the flat but i find myself in second or even first on hills, max speed on relatively modest hills is 20mph
  7. I am preparing my1929 '75 for rallies and possibly VSCC Races in the UK. I would like to run twin carbs and a 4 speed box but will have to justify that the cars ran with theses mods in period, does anyone know if they ran with this spec in period, particularly at Le Mans.
  8. I have recently aquired a Chrysler 75 and would like to upgrade to a 4 speed box.