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  1. 26 four door. Very nice everything . Needs clutch work.
  2. I’ve got one in beautiful condition. Want it?
  3. How much air in a 650x20 tire on a Chrysler?
  4. Youngsters today want money in not money out. Old cars are not chick magnets.
  5. It’s a four cylinder. Main problem is the clutch pressure plate and t/o bearing. Engine is weak but useable.
  6. 26 Chrysler parts are nearly impossible to find. I am considering an engine and transmision swap. I don’t want a hot rod just a driver. Any suggestions please?
  7. Bert’s in Denver. I have a model B with modern plate if you need it.
  8. How long and how many men did it take to hitch up twenty mules?
  9. Please please post a picture of this device. I think my 26 has one and I never knew what it was. Thanks
  10. I have the one made by Snap-On. It has never failed to work.