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  1. Good evening to all and Happy Holidays, I have an issue with the interior heater in my 1941 Ford. There is a handle on the left upper side - OFF Button, pushing in or out the coils in the heater do not heat up, fan works but no heat. I will look for and check the control valve it there is any, the manuals mention nothing on the mechanicals of this accessory or perhaps i am looking in the wrong area. Can some one please share knowledge or direct me in this area.Thank you for your time in advance.
  2. Hi Xander, just in case. I have a 41 Opera coupe, all original unrestored, v8, with Columbia overdrive.
  3. Along with Alcapone Wayne, i will pray for a healthy outcome to your health issues and i will pray that if you dont know my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that you will seek His heart and find comfort in His arms. I give testimony to His goodness and mercy which i have personally witnessed in my life and people around me who have accepted His amazing grace into their lives, reach out to Him He is waiting to show you much more than any man can express in words. Stay POSITVE IN ALL THINGS and dont dwell on what might be or is to come, make each day special for the people around you and yourself. My words are not something by chance but a divine calling for you to come to know my Father. Hebrews 13:5 Never will i forsake you or leave you. Gods peace, and if i can be of any help please let me know. IKE IN MIAMI.
  4. 1970 Audi 100 SL 4 spd. Sunroof with leather interior. Cruising Miami Beach back when Wolfies ment something and all the hotels had high diving boards. 1980 Honda Civic hatchback DX 4 spd. Scaling up sidewalks when traffic was held up because some rear drive car could not make it up the Jersey hills during snowy winter days. And driving and parking in New York was a blast.
  5. Good afternoon Tom, I did contact her and she was very helpful with information on the complete kit whether I made a purchase or not, great customer service from her end. Thank you for your time.
  6. Greetings to all, if anyone has an extra jack or tool kit please let me know. thank you.
  7. Ike1302


    Blast from the past.
  8. Good evening John and Auburn, i followed the advice with the lamp and heat and amazingly most of the bubbles flattened out, there was a couple that chipped but nothing a little drop of paint cant hide. I am going to let her sit a bit for a few more days before touching or buffing the surface, but i am real glad with the light results and if need be i will repaint the hood. Thanks to everyone for your inputs.
  9. I agree with not repainting even though it is the opinion of a local collector here in my area, the thought of it makes me cringe at disturbing the paint and making her diifferent from it original state. John i will try the lamps with attention not to burn the paint i have one that i use for construction with a yellow stand and i will try and give it the right distance from the hood. If it doesnt work and repaint is needed, i will send her off to strip, sand, new paint, purple with yellow flames, then LS3 motor, crager rims and suspension mods........... I dont think so.
  10. Thank you Bob for sharing what seems to me as a wonderful memory. I shared it with my older brother and we went down memory lane about our dad and past projects that required the skills of "making due with what you have", truly a different time.
  11. Thank you AUBERNSEEKER, did as you suggested today in this wintery weather we are having here in Florida and it did not seem as bad this afternoon when i put her away. I will try it again when we have our next sunny day, which should be....wait for it................tomorrow 72 degrees and leave it be. The roof repair is a no brainer and till then i will try something different to protect her, it was heart breaking for the moment but a lesson learned and extra care for the future. Lets see what it looks like next week and i will update, Once again thank you all for your thoughts.
  12. Good evening to all, I went ot check on the car tonight which is in storage. The overhead fan has a leak over the hood not bad, but non the less leaking under heavy rain. To overcome this problem i drapped a cloth cargo mat over the hood with a rain tarp over the mat so to not scratch the original paint. Well that tarp allowed water threw onto the mat that retained moisture, so now i have a bunch of tiny bubbles with water underneath. Any advice or help please.
  13. Thank you for your help, my brother chimed in also and mentioned that the plastics for that time was bakealite and there is no chance that they where oringinal type. I have inquired about purchasing replacements from this forum to ebay and the one problem i see is refurbishment of rusted frames and faded paint on the replacements. My fenders have original paint with a high gloss and im afraid of going through all the trouble and not being able to duplicate the finish, making them stand out of place. For the time period i purchased replacements from EARLY FORD STORE, with the glass lenses and in Feburary 12th. attending the Sumter county, Bushnell fla. swap meet and looking for a decent looking original pair that might match. My problem with the parking lights that came with the car, is that the glass lenses i bought (MAC'S) to replace the plastic lens did not fit properly leading me to believe that they where not original. And the fun begins. For now i will enjoy the new ones with the bright lites, thanks again for your time AL and Dave.
  14. Hay Hight Desert, Ford 1941 parking lights, needing both sides? Let me know thank you.
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