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  1. Hi Bob, thanks for your input. Not really sure what the damage is with the switch, but somebody put some small clamps around the two column rods where they go into the switch. the controls on the steering wheel are all over the place, and one has to monkey with the positions to activate high lows on headlights, however it does function. I hesitate to take it off or monkey with it for the fear of it falling apart and becoming totally non-functional. Any additional thoughts or support appreciated!
  2. Thought you guys would love the ultimate coolness!
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone have the headlight switch assembly in good shape for the end of the steering column on a 90 chassis? Looked all over Hershey last fall, my frustrated search continues. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Mine is functional, but in poor mechanical condition. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Not much help on this picture, but it's coming up at auction. What would a fair price be on this gem?
  5. Dear West, I read with interest that you are featuring a 1931 Series 90 Roadster next year. Mine is one of 5 known 8-94 Series 90 Roadsters, acquired on a farm in Fredonia Wisconsin, and formerly owned by longtime AACA member Red Smith. I am very proud of the car, and although I covet Packard, am well satisfied with this beauty. She's not 100%, but a good 90%. Plan on bringing the car to the Buick National Convention in Brookfield WI this summer. By the way, first year for the straight 8, massive 330 CI with plenty of power, don't intend to race for pinks against any Packard soon though! Let me know if you need some fodder for the article!
  6. Dear Saddlerider and all other contributors to this thread, My head is swimming! I am really impressed with the vast knowledge and enthusiasm you all have shown on this topic, and I will continue to study your responses. I thank you for explaining some of the quirks of the mighty 12, and the flagship 8, and will bide my time, like the first date, in finding my girl. In the meantime, I will enjoy cruising in my 31 Buick Sports Roadster, and dream of the day...
  7. Merry Christmas Gents! Most of my car collecting career, I have purchased cars pulled out of barns at auction, becoming the 2nd owner of a Brass 1912 T and 1928 Ford A Coupe. My Buick was found in an local cars 4 sale ad. My Car career spans 3 decades, and I have enjoyed the frame up challenges, but I will confess, I am lusting for a 1934 Sedan. I have read with interest the stories about the cost of refurbishing a V12, if it is indeed possible, and think that for all intents and purposes, the mighty straight 8 might be more practical. I am no longer interested in restoring a Packard, but buying a beautifully restored classic that has become either part of an estate, or someone who needs to downsize, selling their baby. So, how does one go about finding such a car, and a seller? Happy 2017, and have a great Packard year!
  8. Merry Christmas guys! After eating too much and drinking too much eggnog, here's a little brain stimulation for you. I am trying to find any information on the correct windshield wiper motor and assembly for my 31 roadster, since the hole is there, but the wiper isn't! Also, does anybody have any info on if a tool kit came with the 90 series cars, and if so, what does it look like and contain? Thanks for your help. Have a great Buick 2017!
  9. Thanks for posting this information guys! Just got my thermostat back from Jim Otto and after a decade of non-functionality...IT WORKS! Thanks so much!
  10. OK guys, I need your input. What is typical oil pressure for the straight 8? Cold, I'm running 30 psi, warm its around 20. Idling warm drops to 10. If this is low, what do you suspect the problem is? Rebuild? Thanks for your input!
  11. Thanks to all with your replies. I have Firestone WW on my Model A and on my 12 T, and have dealt with the yellowing problem. While on tour with MAFCA-WI I heard the comments about the whitewalls, and with mileage issues. Lesters it shall be!
  12. Just curious as to what everyone thinks about tires. I had Lester on my car that need replacement. I like the look of the Firestone, but Coker keeps delaying production and I have no shoes for my baby! Should I go back to Lester, or leave the Buick on stands until September..., or so? Thanks
  13. Josef, Thanks for the reply. I am anxiously waiting for your response!
  14. Guys, Thanks for the helpful information about Pepcak! I have sent him a request and we'll see what happens. I looked at his product, and it is beautiful! I sure hope this becomes a reality. Thanks for your help, one and all!