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  1. I hope this message finds you well. I have recently had issues with my 5-speed gear linkage in the TC. The car was usually difficult to shift into reverse, but it always went. Then one time it would not go into reverse, and since then it has been unable. All forward gears are working and I can shift into them. I have heard about some of the linkage bushings being worn causing this problem, but I have also investigated and found that the linkage appears to be slipping at the coupling point where it enters the transaxle. I have tried tightening but it seems very tight. I have attached a video to show the slipping if you look closely. Has anyone had similar issues and how were they solved? Thank you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3dRRqWZYSB6OWVHaUZqRjJnVjA/view?usp=sharing
  2. For sale by a dealer: 202328 1989 Royal Cabernet Bordeaux Tan DOHC 16V
  3. Hello, what color is the exterior, soft top, and interior, how many miles, and what condition? Also, location will help. Pictures would be even better. Also, some explanation to why this is a "parts car" since engine and transmission are good with no rust. Just trying to help you out! Also, a price would help people to see what you are wanting to get from it.
  4. on ebay is 208224 1991 exotic red Ginger (probably tan top) V6 also on ebay 201371 1989 light yellow ginger (unknown top) SOHC
  5. Hi, I have just been curious recently about if anyone knows where the 1991 White & bordeaux 16V TC went? I heard it was built for a Chrysler executive, and it was obviously the only 1991 16V, but does anyone know who it was for, where it is, any information on it? Just kind of interested, thanks!
  6. I am not in the market right now, but just for better luck on selling this car, if you could give more description on the starting issue that would help. The #1 worry to a potential buyer on a 16V engine is if the head is cracked or warped, as they are specific to this car (so only 501 exist). If you could give more information about the conditions of it not running, that would definitely be helpful to potential buyers. Also, you would most likely have more luck by taking quality photos, cleaning it up a bit, diagnosing the no-start problem, and putting it on eBay. Hope this helps!
  7. Thought I would share the recent video I made of our 16V YBB exhaust! Hope you all enjoy!
  8. Hi everyone, I was recently looking for a 1990 2-sided uncut Chrysler OEM Crystal (warranty) key, and I came across someone who had only one, and it is more than I would expect to pay. There are currently none I can find on ebay (or for sale elsewhere), so does anyone know if they are really worth that much, or if they are for sale (or someone has one) elsewhere that I could buy?
  9. We bought the YBB from somewhere in the northeast, Maryland if I recall. It is a 90 and I believe only 2 owner. No I don't believe I have. I spoke to one man at Sonic who has (or had) an 8V and I believe he did say he was very much involved with turbocharged Chrysler engines, and the van thing rings a few bells. Can't recall his name though. Other than that, I've only ever seen one other TC in KC, and it was a white 91 with some aftermarket wheels (in poor taste if I might add). Also, if you were wanting a photo, the yellow 16V in the wikipedia listing about the TC is our YBB 16V.
  10. Sorry to bring back a very old thread, but we bought the fourth "missing" 16V YBB TC a few years ago off eBay. 54k miles and runs well. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi everyone, First time posting on this forum! I was looking to paint my 90' 16V TC. It is light yellow, and currently the bonnet and boot are both peeling badly. I was wondering if generally people on the forum use a certain type and brand of paint for good results with the TC, and where people usually get these. The car is always stored inside, and usually never driven in bad weather, so I am not worried about the resilience of the paint surviving the weather, but more about how the paint looks, feels, and making sure it doesn't fade. Thank you for your help! BTW, you can see pictures of the car as the wikipedia stock image in front of the waterfall. Alex
  12. I had a VERY similar issue with my 96' supercharged. The solution was coil packs, after I replaced it ran flawlessly even with 195k miles. The check engine OBD II code will read misfire.
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