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  1. I think that was the car... But I thought it was Chocolate field. I love junk... but not at that price. We have a 1928 526 4 door Packard that the garage fell on it. I had to make a boattail coupe with R/seat. We do not have the monies to keep it a 4 door sedan. But !! it is on the road ! Let me know if you see one... a Pierce Stay in touch ! Paul
  2. It was in the choclate field.... 4 door sedan.... very poor wood. I do not think it had any in the roof. Paul
  3. I saw a rough Pierce in the Choclate field in 2019 Hershey.... Does anyone have any info to where it went ?
  4. What ever happened with the rough car..... I did not see an answer to a previous question ??? Paul
  5. Hello, would you sell the passenger side taillight bracket ?, or both Paul
  6. Do you still have these Packards ? Would you sell a couple parts ?
  7. Thank you for the lead ... I emailed him. They are close enough. I hope he will let some parts go.
  8. Need for restoration a 1928 Packard526 Cowl band. Or, If you know anyone who could help me with one. I have the side pieces but open for all if that is how it is packaged. Thanks, Paul
  9. does anyone know where these cars are ? I could use some parts if they a willing. Paul
  10. If you have an old set of top irons... I may be in need
  11. Hello, I may be able to use the roadster top irons..... Thanks Paul
  12. Hello... is it possible you sell some parts of this? I would need the cowl stainless for my 1928 Thanks Paul
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