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  1. Thanks for the info it was cold enough to check when I seen your post and thank god the bypass hose is the problem will get that changed maybe pump is ok thanks again ....as the saga continues I will keep updating
  2. Ok thought I would update this post got all fuel system parts installed hit the key starts up and ran surprising smooth let it run about 10min to warm everything up so I could replace all fluids just before I switch it off it started leaking water from front of engine hope it's not the pump but it's leaking in that area read in manual that pump is driven by timing chain and got to take the whole front off eng to replace.. I hope not but was wanting to know if it could be something else beside pump water leaks straight out as you put it in radiator with eng stopped!! If it is pump any advice on
  3. Ok never mind on further inspection with a bright light and mirror I found a small entrance hole where fuel will equalize in the box
  4. Ok got the parts in today and I think I have a problem with the new tank... The box inside the tank that the fuel pump sits in is made different the old tank's box had a narrow channel built in on the side to allow fuel to enter the box... The new one is just a rectangle box about an 1 1/2 high with no way for the last of the fuel to enter the box that I can see not sure it will just splash in the box.. I admit not the smartest but I do have common sense and this seems like it will be a problem anybody familiar with this I'm open for suggestions thanks again for all of the help so far
  5. I tried finding the valve at the website you had link for ended up calling them only to find out it's a discontinued part and there wasn't one in the country according to his search of all mopar dealers going to take this one out for measurements and try to find one that will work if anyone has an aftermarket part # please let me know thanks to all for the help..
  6. Found a in few various places does 50$ Sound right ,thought that was a little high
  7. Thanks for the info parts should be here next Wednesday till then going to clean fuel lines replace hose and filter this Sunday me and my son will make an afternoon of it and get ready to inst tank unit will post again when I get all that done maybe I can get it running and on to the next problems I'm sure I have a few more coming with it sitting up so long.....
  8. Seems you were right now I just got to get some parts ordered tank ,pump ,sending unit... There is one thing I am unable to locate think it is a vent or something it's plastic and inst on top of tank over sending unit hole whatever it is I need to come up with one mine has a busted nipple (plastic),and the new tank has a hole there so any help with a part number or name for this piece would be helpful .. Thanks again together we will get this beauty back on the road just like dad always says "you can fix anything with enough money and time"
  9. Thanks for that raining cats and dogs here all day will get on that in the morning first thing in the morning and let you know,, ok I admit I am dumb about electrical probs so I ask this after reading your post, is there some kind of circuit that is activated to keep pump on after it cranks up and the key is returned to run position??
  10. Thanks for your reply so to be clear yes it will crank and runs on spray.. With the key on no power at fuel pump plug holding off on pump and sending unit till I get power to the plug prob resolved like I said in original post wires from pump only ohm out at plug to ecm can't get continuity at any of the relays terminals loc under the hood I know don't make sense to me either wonder is it a bad ecm don't know if there is a way to check it and hate to spend $ for a new one if not needed any ideas and please don't give up on a decent mech that despises elec problems know this car will need ong
  11. To save time on this thread please see topic "new owner old problems " I see you responded there so I will just stay with that one thanks again for your help
  12. Another post about same fuel problem or lack of fuel problem if anyone knows or could post a pic of the relay location for pump or know what might be causing the no power issue I would be most thankful want to get this car back on the road but don't have $ just to start replacing everything to figure it out
  13. Like it says in title I have purchased a 90 model TC unfortunately it has sat for several years anyway my son wants to drive it the good news is it starts right up on spray bad news is no fuel to eng. checked the pump it's bad as is the sending unit for gauge went ahead pulled the tank omg what a mess inside anyway all this said when I was checking out the pump discovered it wasn't getting any power read a few post here about relay location but having trouble getting the wires to ohm out from tank to eng compartment relay guess I'm not sure which relay it is checked all that was described here
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