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  1. where supposed to be located the tool kit? I have the umbrella. thanks Hemi dude
  2. where supposed to be located the tool kit? Thanks
  3. want to find out the tc's deal going on this week end on pleasanton ca. the time and exact place thanks
  4. like i said needs only FUEL PUMP car has only 61K original miles with a CLEAN TITLE.
  5. i have a complete 89 will like to sell it. don't want to parting out car doesn't run due to a fuel pump (i have the fuel pump BRAND NEW) my phone number is 707-208-1396 car is in northern california i have pictures if you are interested.if you live out the state you can hire a transporter to your door's house for around 250 to 350.car has no DENTS.
  6. Any body out there knows if there's any show's coming soon in norcal area?
  7. Hi everyone i start to fall in love with this vehicles years ago and now that i own 3 of them i'm force to let them go. to some one now's and appreciate this beauties. i have a purple 89 4 Cyl. 8V. Turbo A/T not running(needs fuel pump) it was running when a parked with only 61K original miles car is in good shape body parts,glass,soft top engine and transmission ONLY bad part of this car is the interior(upholstery) and paint. i am asking $800.00 O.B.O sale the whole car no parts. also have a red 89 4 Cyl.8V. Turbo A/T with 83K A/T in running conditions paint is faded interior is in decent shape except the upholstery on the inside windshield post both side.asking $1,500.00 O.B.O and the last one is a White 91 V6 16V. A/T with 73K original miles also in running conditions this is my weekends driver asking $2,000.00 O.B.O and all of them has CLEAN TITLE. now if someone is interested in all three of them i will take $4.000.00 O.B.O this is a package deal my name is Jesse my phone number is 707-208-1396 for any more questions don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for looking!!!!
  8. I have 3 Chrysler TC 2 in running conditions the other one needs fuel pump(not registered) good body parts engine and transmission are in good shape with low miles(60K) is and A/T all glass good car is has not have major dents CLEAN TITLE a lot of goodies all three of them are less the 90K miles need to let them go is call a moving sale any body is interested on them can call me i will give more details my phone number is 707-208-1396 my name is Jesse.asking price $5,500.00 O.B.O this is a package DEAL!!! if sold separately is different prices. PLEASE read this add. if you need more pictures please let me know and thanks for looking.
  9. selling my 89 TC 61K Vin#ZC2FP1104KB202111 was running before only ask$1,200.00 O.B.O car is not dented or major damage all glass are in good condition a lot of good parts engine and transmission only (needs fuel pump) 4Cyl.Turbo A/T if some one is interested on the red one or the white one both are in running conditions please let me know. i can make you a VERY GOOD DEAL!!!!. thanks for watching. and they are in california bay area. my phone number is 707-208-1396 if you have any more questions and thanks for looking.
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