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  1. The last 40 years my fascination was to learn everything about the old-fashioned ignition systems which were used on oldtimers and classic cars, made between 1930 and 1970. Like the most of you will know the most wellknown manufacturers of ignition systems are Autolite, Bosch, Delco Remy, Ducellier, Ford, Lucas, Marelli, PAL, RB and SEV. However there did exist a lot of other rather unknown manufacturers of ignition systems. My fascination has lead to a very rare stock of ignition parts, including ignition points, distributor caps, rotors and condensors, especially for European micro
  2. Fiat all kind of models: NOS parts available now. Fiat Topolino Fiat 500 Fiat 600 + 600 Multipla Fiat 850 Fiat 1100 Fiat 1200 Fiat 1300/1500 Fiat 1400 Fiat 1800, 2100, 2300 Fiat 1900 Fiat 124 Fiat 125, Fiat 127 Fiat 128 Also: parts catalogues, instruction manuals, headsets, all ignition parts
  3. Original user manual for Mercedes Benz 300d (1957-1962) with automatic transmission. Very rare, in good condition. Price $ 180,-. Also some new parts like foglamps $ 275,- each, indicator lenses (transparent) left + right $ 110,- each, Mercedes star on the hood $ 575,-
  4. For the Rosengart i have NOS ignitionparts for the ignitions: SEV, Ducellier and RB.
  5. For the Renault 4 cv I can offer you a NOS copper cylinderheadgasket and NOS ignitionparts (which ignition do you have? SEV, Ducellier or RB) If you would need other parts, i can help you finding them, as I am living in Europe.
  6. congratulqtions with your Renault Juvaquatre/Dauphinoise 1957. It is a great car to restore with simple technics. I can offer you some NOS parts for this car like a brown camshaft pinion, a headset and all ignitionparts (please state your make of ignition, SEV, Ducellier or RB). Maybe also carbonbrushes for starter/generator and flasher unit.
  7. If it is identified as a Lancia Appia i would like to inform you that this is an Italian car and certainly not a French car.
  8. Hello Erik, if you are in need of new ignition parts for your Peugeot 202 i would like to inform you that i have on stock (NOS) ignition parts for the SEV, Ducellier or RB ignitions. Ben
  9. NOS ignitionparts for (nearly) all British made cars from 1930-1970 like distributor caps, rotors, ignition points and condensors. Also available: 6-12-24 volt bulbs, 6-12-24 volt indicator (flasher) units, carbon brushes for startermotor/generator. Send a mail bsilvius@hotmail.com. The photos which are attached are only meant to be as a global impression: with many thousands of different items it is just impossible to show you all ignition items. The majority of the british cars did use Lucas ignition, however sometimes Delco Remy or other makes has been used too. In case of any need pleas
  10. for most Lagonda models i do have NOS distributor caps (12cyl sold out), rotors, ignition points and condensors.
  11. Hello Phil, The 652C distributor was not mentioned anymore in my original Delco Remy catalogue from 1948, covering all distributors between 622 and 665 (+ all the newer distributors), covering passengercars as well as trucks. The numbers of the distributors jump from 649 to 660, and unforunately nothing between. However there are 2 other possibillities for getting results. Please take off your old distributor cap and see of numbers are stamped inside the cap. Do the same with the rotor. With some luck you will find numbers (6 or 7 digits). With those numbers i can determine for sure what cap
  12. DKW cars are not difficult to service, however they do have an unusual ignition. The engine has 3 cylinders, each cylinder has his own ignition point and his own ignition coil. If you are not used to work at the ignition of DKW cars, it is usually said (also by "professional" mechanics) that it is a difficult car to service, which is actually not true. The reality however is following. How difficult is it to set the ignitiontiming on a normal car? Not so difficult, is it not? Once when you have set the timing right, the job is done. It is therefore not difficult to set the timing three ti
  13. Hello Peter, I am living overseas in the Netherlands and I am a retired ignition specialist with an wide stock NOS distributor caps, rotors, ignition points and condensors.. Could you send me by mail photos of your cap and rotor, showing the upper side + under. Ben Silvius
  14. Hanski you are quite right what other are missing totally. This Tatra was only available with an aircooled V8 engine, just like the elder Tatra models.
  15. As a DKW enthousiast and specialist who is driving more than 30 years on a daily base DKW-cars, i can highly recommend to buy these DKW cars to any reader.of this topic. From experience i do know that these DKW cars are easy to handle in combination with a very reliable technic. Because of the frontwheel drive they do give a very pleasant way of driving. Missing parts cannot be a problem because i have a big stock of new and used original parts, including a brand new engine .....!! Ben Silvius from the Netherlands.
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