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  1. Hello all! Sorry for the late reply, as I started a new full time job in addition to moving, all around the same time the head gasket blew. I've replaced the plugs and I would like to give the head gasket job a go soon. The engine has about 200k miles on it. With enough time I could definitely do the job myself (have everything except a torque wrench and feeler guages). The engine otherwise is in very good condition. The problem was going on for about a month but only got bad a few days before I posted. (Meaning significant smoke from the exhaust.) I hate myself for resorting to it but I used Bars max strength stop-leak and things are okay for now. The coolant system isn't gunked up, it now just has some shimmmery flakes floating in it. I would like to give this job a go soon though. Thank you all for the help!!!
  2. Hey, my head gasket on my 2.2L TC has blown. Milky oil, tons of coolant smoke from exhaust, it's a no brainer. So, I asked my repair shop if they could do it and they are having trouble finding parts. What parts will they (or I) need for the job? I know the head gasket and head bolts obviously, but what else? Links to parts would also be appreciated. Thank you!!
  3. Sure I'll take those measurements tomorrow!
  4. A ball/spring type manual boost controller works wonders for the TII, and is fairly easy to install (2 hours max). It will significantly decrease your spool time and allow max boost to be held. When properly set with a boost gauge, I'm able to reach and hold 14.5 psi from 3000 rpm all the way to the line.
  5. Please put up a regular picture as a .jpeg or .png It's really not that difficult.
  6. If you pulled the CV axle out of the spindle or even wiggled it out a little, that could cause the fluid to seep from the connection from axle to trans.
  7. That was the exact case for me when I replaced tie rod ends and a CV boot.
  8. Remanufactured for sure. As long as it's a reputable vendor you won't have any problems. I've used various sets of refurb injectors
  9. Those will properly replace stock injectors.
  10. How much turbo lag constitutes "turbo lag"?
  11. If you're in a hotter climate the cooling effect from those vented and slotted rotors will be somewhat significant if you're gonna be doing fast passes then braking hard.
  12. Cuz that's also a pressure line once your turbo spools up. At full boost you're around 14psi and that's definitely enough to blow a loose fitting off.
  13. You can take the man outta the car but you cant take the car outta the man.
  14. the amps in the speakers often degrade and eventually fail due to multiple electronic reasons. but what you're describing is the amplifiers housed on the speakers cannot produce a clean power output for the speaker, so it prematurely clips the sound wave and ends up becoming closer to a square wave than a clean sine wave. So since the speaker reproduces that, whola, audible garbage.
  15. NGK for life, they work great with these engines as long as the gap is always to spec or even a bit smaller if you beat on it a lot.
  16. I believe that is the heater control vacuum line that goes through the firewall.
  17. good work! I'd love to see a picture of the hardtop hanging from the tractor bucket if that's available hahaha
  18. good choice doing the fuel lines right now. Took me all of half an hour to do both.
  19. I have Gas-a-just on the rear of mine and I love them. Perfect if you load the trunk occasionally, no decrease in handling. I regularly put in about 120 pounds of music equipment in the trunk so it was a must for me. Unloaded, they're a bit on the stiff side but not uncomfortable. On the freeway they are a monster and will take anything you give it.
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