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  1. the amps in the speakers often degrade and eventually fail due to multiple electronic reasons. but what you're describing is the amplifiers housed on the speakers cannot produce a clean power output for the speaker, so it prematurely clips the sound wave and ends up becoming closer to a square wave than a clean sine wave. So since the speaker reproduces that, whola, audible garbage.
  2. Those are were big goals for that short of a time frame haha major swaps often take a ton of time! Not a big deal that you cant get the header and turbo.
  3. So the "Ignition Switch Harness" Is actually under the hood?
  4. Ah gotcha! Thank you! I really should get a FSM all the info on the internet for wiring on these seems helpless.
  5. Since you happen to know a lot about the electronics of these fine vehicles, would you happen to know where the the connections for the door locks are in the drivers side kick panel? I have a remote start kit and probed the hell out of the harness in the drivers foot well but came out empty handed. I also couldn't find the ignition harness that was mentioned in some wire chart descriptions. I feel like you may offer some insight.
  6. The biggest difference for me was wheel spacers, I added 1 inch spacers to each corner and this thing hugs corners like no ones business. I had to pull the fenders a little bit for proper wheel clearance though. It looks badass. You'll be surprised by how big of a handling difference monotube struts make though.
  7. Wow that was with the new digital dash? That's awesome to hear. I'll be taking mine a meager 130 miles each way to the largest car show in Wisconsin, all freeways. I'm sure there's people a lot more knowledgeable about these specific suspensions, but with stock springs and aftermarket performance shocks, these things can handle at high speed no problem. I have KYB mono-tube gas-a-just shocks in the rear and it is a highway monster. Hard sway bar bushings add a lot too. What speed were you taking the inclines at?
  8. plugs kinda toasty looking. What are the best replacement injectors?
  9. Guess who else is in the lean club haha
  10. Awesome thank you. I'm picking a gauge kit up tonight. Something decided to take a crap and now I'm stalling out within 2 minutes of running.
  11. Where did you tie in to the fuel system to read the pressure? is there an easy fitting like a schrader valve on the rail to hook a gauge up?
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