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  1. hello just read your ad for the 364, do you still have it available? if so other than the gear box are all 364 the same? i have a 57 buick roadmaster 75 with blow back problems and i would prefer to have a full recon, also not being rude but who did the rebuild, as i have found now not many know how, any chance Russell did it for you thanks heaps look forward to your reply Mark.J
  2. thanks guys i will transfer some photos from my phone, at this stage i have used releasing fluid ( a long soak ) i have a feeling the dial shaft might slide off, again i am applling too much force, we all know how rare this stuff is. also i am missing a small switch on the dash crash pad before the air con slide switch next to the dash pad light, any idea what that operates and what am i missing thanks guys
  3. hello again anyone out there ever removed a 57 buick roadmaster air con switch / dial/ knob i am trying to disassemble a purchased unit to install in my car any help thanks Mark.J
  4. gee-day from down under i have a buick 57 roadmaster 75, i have the same question for the aircon control knob, i dont wont to break it i have removed the round knob with the allen key , no prob and the centre bronze shaft guild, but not sure how the thumb & finger dial is removed thanks anyone Mark.J from AU
  5. G-day mate, my attempt at ozzy humor i have the 57 buick roadmaster 75 that used to have air con, i have found the vents and dash grills but not the actual compressor & engine brackets ? also im missing the little adjusting slide knob for the centre air con vent, also the 3 dash crash pad lights, also the drivers side upper wish bone ( bent mine) any news would be great thank you
  6. hello i also have been following this site and lost it, i was interested in buying his old suspension front end for my 57 buick roadmaster 75 anyone know if he still wants to sell his old suspension parts thanks mark.J