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  1. Wow! Looks like a awesome project, good luck!
  2. Awesome work! I've really enjoyed all your videos (especially about your Cadillac) and can't wait for more!
  3. Thanks aestorrs! Gary F. I found out it wasn't stuck the latch was just a much longer pull that I remembered (had not worked on the car in a few months). When I pulled it the latch went to a stopping point which I thought was all pulled out. All I needed was to put more force pulling and boom! It worked. Man did I fell dumb:).
  4. So I went to check the oil on my '85 f150, when I pulled the release latch nothing happened. I've tried everything I can think of to get it open. Does anyone have any tips of the trade to help me open the hood? Thanks for your help.
  5. I was finally able to get some work done on the ford today. I replaced the broken driver side door handle and fixed the floppy Side mirror. Next I'll order the speedometer cable and try to figure out what I'm going to have to do with the exhaust (just found out its broken in half). I also have two questions, #1 is the hood won't open, I've tried the regular hood release latch in the dash and have tried banding on the hood and fishing my hand through the grill to get to the latch but I still can't get it open. #2 I have two very big dings in the bed of the truck and I wanted to hear some low cost options (it doesn't have to be perfect) for banging out the dent, Any help with these problem will be very appreciated! Thanks
  6. Wow! Good work! Can't wait to see it finished!
  7. Thanks Dandy Dave, rp1967, Joe Padavano and Wayne for your excellent help! Yesterday I put some fule pump/engine/cat cleaner in the fule tank and let it run for a while. It didn't seem to do much but maybe this weekend I'll try to pull of the catillitic converter and run it without it. I'll also try to text the fule pump. Thanks again! Tristan
  8. Thank you all for your help and advice! Some background a pictures, it's a 1997 Oldsmobile 88 LS with just under 60,500 miles. It was purchased by my great grandfather 1 year old with a little over 23,000 miles. Now that he can no longer drive we've bought the car so I can use it as my main car. It's pretty much all their it just needs some mechanical fixing (window won't go down ect). Thanks again every one!
  9. It turns out that the glowing red hot part is the catalytic converter so could that be our mystery problem? Thanks for your help, Tristan
  10. Thanks rocketraider, 60flattop, Joe Padavano and rp1967 for your advice! We ended up being able to pick up the car today and had an interesting ride home. Like the test drive earlier in the day we had trouble accelerating and getting up to highway speed took some time. During the ride home we noticed a few sparks fly out the back but it only did it once so we continued on and made it home safe and sound. When we got home we checked under the car and saw a section of the exhaust glowing hot red. It cooled down quite fast but I sure it's not suppose to do that. So 1 could that be part of the engine problem and if it is the problem how do I fix it. Thank you hall for your helpful advice! Tristan
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