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  1. Thanks again ,Tom. Pump arrived a few days ago. Thank you ,it was a pleasure doing business with you.
  2. Thanks Tom that would be great! I don’t mind if it’s a total basket case atleast it gives me something to start with.
  3. There is no other seal that I’m aware of. I’ve never seen a engine with one and the parts book does not list one. Possibly excessive main bearing clearance causing excessive flow threw the bearing, overwhelming the drain tube ? Crankcase breather plugged? Excessive blow buy pressurizing the crankcase? Just a few things that could cause leakage at that location. I can’t cay mine is perfectly dry back there but it does not drip, the design does not work perfect under all conditions but it does work well enough to be acceptable in 1928. 😀
  4. Yes those three holes are on the outside of the felt seal. The felt seal prevents oil pan oil from pouring out when going up a steep hill and the three holes allow oil that just went threw the rear bearing to drain into the trough then threw the tube back into the pan.
  5. Also there is no rear main seal as we know it. Just a felt seal that seals on the rear main cap and the slinger on the crankshaft that slings the oil into that trough in the pan.
  6. This is a picture of my 28 std six engine but I believe it’s the same plate.
  7. Richard I just found this thread, absolutely fantastic work.
  8. I kept it simple the bushing is bigger than that end hole so a drop placed in that end hole will suffice. I did size it for a nice right angle flip top oil thingy if i ever decide to install one . haha
  9. If you have the hubs and just need drums check out ( ) they have quite a selection of drums , there modern truck and trailer drums but they might be able to be machined to fit. Worth a look, something like this.
  10. I bolted the brush holders on with some nice brass bolts I had. Didn’t feel like making some rivets 😬.
  11. And ended up with this. 😀 I left it thicker where space allows I don’t expect this to fail again. 👍🏻 Hahaha
  12. Luckily the armature was unharmed and in good shape, just some minor scuff marks on the commutator when the housing failed.
  13. Hi again friends, Today I bring to you a alternative way of repairing a broken starter end cap. Enjoy We started with this. It failed the very first time I tried starting my car. 🙁
  14. If you guys like seeing these little projects let me know. Thanks , Ken
  15. Machined all the pieces off that didn’t look right.
  16. Decided to make it from 1018 mild steel (definitely overkill but it was in stock) 😀
  17. Super glued it all back together to get a idea on what we needed
  18. Hi again friends, my last post on machining a cylinder head seemed to go over well and I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. 😀 This time a little simpler project a passenger door lock cylinder housing. This is is what we have to start with 🙁
  19. That second picture is tough to tell but trust me it’s exactly the same as mine.
  20. No problem JB-Ed I love the back and forth discussion it’s how things get figured out. Google (Singh groves hetclub) and it should get you some info. Or just Singh grooves. I have no idea if they work but figured I’d try them. They might be total witch craft but damn my engine is running good. 😀. As far as the distributor I’ll attach more pictures of mine and a car from Vermont. Hopefully we can figure this mystery out. 👍🏻