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  1. I have 4 wheel disk brakes and love it. Our shop ended up parking out a C5 Corvette and I snagged the front calipers off that - I’ll be grabbing a set of universal brackets to weld onto my scarebird brackets. Im mainly doing it for the look but can’t imagine it not help slow the car down even more. My car never ran with drums so I can’t answer that.
  2. That’s crazy Ed, we didn’t even get rain and I’m like 15 minutes away from you.
  3. Hey! We fixed the problem haha. Yeah it seemed like you might have had an issue so I just threw in what I knew about the situation. Congrats on it running good
  4. I do LS based engine tuning and I can try explain it how I’ve seen it in action. Please take my information just as opinion, I wasn’t doing the ECU tuning on the vehicle since I’m only familiar with HP Tuner. The vehicle in question was a modified SBC 383 maybe, with a T56 swap. It had a extremely drivable camshaft and had plenty of power down low. The problem according to the owner was that it was extremely grabby and jumpy while trying to accelerate normally. He was right - the thing was practically unusable imo. We originally joked around and thought he was one of those guys that installs a
  5. He’s right, disk brakes pushed my track width out 1/4” total (1/8” each side). I already had them on before I got my wheels so I could check the specs before hand. I’m running 20” by 8.5” with air ride.
  6. Wow, had no idea there was these differences from 63-65 - good info here
  7. I can kinda help out here. I have an LS swap in my car and do swaps for a side business. I opted to stay with the stock shafts because just like you mentioned - when switching to aluminum you will need to up the size to compensate for the strength difference. The biggest hurtle I ran into was cost vs. benefit. While I’m a huge fan of aluminum shafts and would 100% normally recommend that as superior on single piece shaft, 2 piece shafts on a marginally supported car is an expensive road to go down. The yoke on the front could be reused, but it sounds like you need another one anyways. You woul
  8. Did you find any of those window guides from my other post??
  9. Awesome! Let me know what you find
  10. Hi all, as I’m sorting out putting my car together, the passenger side rear window had been removed by the previous owner and it appears they either sold these parts or lost them - I do have main track but not the little curved one near the wheel well or the one that mounts to the bottom of the window itself that the motor arm slides on for the passenger side. Does anybody happen have either of these parts laying around or access to a parts car?
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