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  1. PLEASE send me PRICING for the Speedometer and the Ashtray / Knob. The Phone Number you gave on here is NOT COMPLETE ! It's only NINE numbers. THANKS!! Dorky Dan
  2. Do you have a working SPEEDOMETER .... or the ash-tray that sits in the top center of the dash? (my plastic knob is crumbled). If so .... prices please. Dan
  3. Greg, Not sure if it would help, but I could send a pic of my '39 glovebox latch. Mine really doesn't work WELL. I have to spend 10 minutes lining the tab up with the latch. Once I get it to close, I try to LEAVE it. But, if it helps, let me know. BTW --- on my '39, the key goes into a ROUND key hole that's actually in the dash above the glovebox door. It has a tab hanging down that rotates with the key. That is my problem, I can't see WHERE it is when I shut the door. It gets dark in there !! Dan
  4. Does ANYONE here know how to take out the SPEEDOMETER in these P-7s (and maybe the P-8s) ?? The clear plastic "FLOATING ARROW" used in these speedometers has a tendency to get BRITTLE ... fall off ... and stop working. Even my '40 back in the mid 60's had already fallen to this malady !! My wife says the MIGHT be correctable via "ACETATE", sold in sheets. Don't know until I can get it OUT and in my HANDS!! Once we get the SECRET, I'm sure lots of late 30, early 40's Plymouth owners could USE this advice in restoring their car ... somewhat like it was originally. Interestingly, I di
  5. atlbluz --- Is yours still running the 6 volt Positive Ground? The warranty on those is so short, if you don't drive it often, the battery goes dead just in sitting!! So, recommend starting ever so often ... and driving of course. You gotta get the cobwebs out. One thing I do, after mine has been sitting a while, is I put an ounce of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder through the plug hole. It smokes for a bit, but it helps loosen up the rings and valves. I've also heard of using transmission fluid ... but this works fine.
  6. Hey Greg, I have a '39 P-7. Probably MANY of the parts are the same. I had a '40 in High School. (Of course back then it wasn't "That Old"). For a project, I rebuilt that engine in the summer before my Senior Year. I kept it up until going into the Military after College. Yes, I am interested in sharing information with ANY Plymouths from that era ... especially those with Inline 6s. I had a friend who had an old Plymouth made in the 50's, and it appeared IDENTICAL to my '40 back in the day. We could exchange emails if we need to get into major communications and help back and forth.
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