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  1. Thanks so much for this insight. I’ll keep looking!! blessings, Jerry
  2. is this car still for sale? if yes, can i get your email so that we can discuss? Blessings, Jerry Smith jerrysmith@cates.com
  3. John, we're interested in this vehicle since we have a 31 Buick 50 series already. Please let me know how you'd like us to proceed. enjoyed visiting with you today at the race track putting out the tiles. blessings, Linda and Jerry Smith 972-567-2403
  4. Thanks very much, Mark!! blessings
  5. thanks for posting about the Winn Synchrometer. I have a 31 Buick 8-57 and it has dual points which i'm trying to time as we speak. Really appreciate the tips!! Blessings, Jerry Smith
  6. Hey Dave, for a bigger selection of antique tires, you might try "Vintage/Antique tires" down in Dallas. Ph 214-688-0091. They usually have what you need or can get it. Hope this helps.
  7. Hey Envoy, can't help with your engine knock issue but looks like you have lots of help already. however, I have a '31 8-57 as well and am struggling with the Marvel updraft carb. Have you had carb issues? Do you know anyone who can rebuild these carbs? wish you the best!! I'm new to prewar cars but really enjoy even the problems and reading the great advice!! blessings,. Jerry
  8. Chuck, thanks so much for your kindness and willingness to share. This spring i purchased a 1931-57. It was originally a Pennsylvania car btw. Would you have any info in your find about the door latches? Also, a wiring diagram would be fantastic. Thanks for your time, Chuck!! Blessings, Jerry
  9. Nope, was not able to talk anyone in to rebuilding it. Got the kit from Bob's and am in the process of rebuilding it myself. Now, i'll REALLY need it rebuilt!....:-) Will post results once it is back in the car for trial runs! it would help if everyone would keep their fingers crossed for the next few days.....:-) Blessings, Jerry
  10. 1. every weekend and it's a 1931 8-57 2. Every year is what i'm setting up. More often if it looks like it's warranted 3. Most of the time 4. Not yet 5. quite a bit, still diagnosing issues at this stage. 6. Not yet but in the future maybe once or twice a year. 7. i guess everything's for sale....:-)
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