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  1. I have been looking everywhere for the pot metal trim that goes around the gauges and has the light in the center of it. If anyone has one they want to sell or if you know where I could find one I would appreciate you contacting me.
  2. I am looking for the pot metal trim ring that goes around the gauges/dash of a 1929-20 Buick. If you have one and are willing to part with it please contact me. Tad
  3. Do you by any chance still have the 1929 Buick parts? If so I would like to but some of the ones i see in the pictures. Thank, Tad
  4. I am looking for a speedometer drive gear for a 1929 buick. It is the gear at the end of the speedometer cable the meshes with the work gear in the transmission. I have been told it has 22 angled teeth but since I have never seen one I am not sure. I would buy the entire speedometer cable if that is how I have to do it to get the gear.
  5. I am looking for a speedometer drive gear for a 1929 buick. It is the gear at the end of the speedometer cable the meshes with the work gear in the transmission. I have been told it has 22 angled teeth but since I have never seen one I am not sure. I would buy the entire speedometer cable if that is how I have to do it to get the gear.
  6. I am still hunting for the speedometer drive gear that meshes with the worm gear in transmission for my 29-20 Buick. It would probably be easier to find the proverbial needle in the hay stack. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I might look I would appreciate the help. Thanks, Tad
  7. I have a 29-20 Buick that I really need the drive gear for my speedometer. The gear at the end of the speedometer cable that connects to the worm gear in the transmission is what I need.
  8. I am looking for the drive gear for my 1929 Buick speedometer. I have all the parts to make the speedometer work except the drive gear that is on the end of the cable. I have been told that it has 22 teeth and is an angled gear. Not sure of those details. Any help would be appreciated. Tad
  9. I have been hunting everywhere for a 1929 Buick speedometer cable gear. I have found and bought the cable to transmission adapter but need the gear. I understand the the original adapters expanded due to the metal and they can almost never be removed without breaking so I bought one from Bob's, I would buy the entire cable assembly if someone did not want to sell just the gear. The car is a 29-20. A number of forum members have given advice and helped a newbie out but I have not yet found the gear.
  10. Thanks everyone for the good ideas. I have gone through the carburetor and cleaned a lot of crude out. Filed and reset the points. It seems to have solved the problem but I have not had the time to take it out on anything but residential streets yet. Will know this afternoon ass I plan to go out where I can get it up to speed. It looks like I am going to have to remove the gas tank, clean it out and use a sloshing compound as it is obviously rusty judging from the stuff the the filter and carb. Still trying to get my speedometer working. I found the cable and the speedometer head is working fine. Ordered the gear housing from Bob's and now looking for the drive gear. Anyone have a source for this scarce item? Again thank you for the help on the back firing problem. Tad
  11. My 29 Buick 6 cyl. standard has started backfiring and hesitating to the point of shutting down when running 50 +- on the road. Still haven't gotten the speedometer working although I did find the correct cable but not the drive gear. Anyone got a clue as to why the car would have started doing this. If it quits running after backfiring and very jerky hesitating I pull off the road wait a minute or less and it fires back up. It never does this when riding around town and 35 mph or so. I think it may be flooding out due to the float not working properly. I am still using the original fuel pump and do not have an electric booster on it. Any Ideas? If I need to rebuild the carb where do I find the serial number etc on it? I can barely read the work Zenith on the side of it so the numbers may be long gone. Thanks, Tad
  12. I am looking for the speedometer cable, transmission attachment part and cable drive gear for my 1928 Buick, If you find one in the parts please let me know. Thank you, Tad Prewitt
  13. Would you be willing to sell the speedometer cable and transmission attachment/gear drive? what shape is the speedo cable in ? rusted badly or kinked up? Thanks, Tad
  14. Thank you for the link. It was very helpful to actually see what the ends of the cable look like. Now I may be able to fab one or at least identify one if I can find an old one. Tad
  15. I am still looking for the speedometer cable for my 28-20. I have found a number of speedometers with the cable attached but the speedometers are not round like my AC one is. They are all have an"hour glass" shape protrusion from a round back plate. Have I maybe got a substitute one in my car or is fully round correct?
  16. Now that I have the info on how the gauge works I can start in the tank and work forward. Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have a working fuel gauge. Thanks to all for the info. I guess I am lucky that my actual gauge is not stopped up and the line back to the tank is clear so I have cut the possible problems down. Next I'll be tackling the speedometer. No cable and the gear drive adapter into the transmission is missing. The hole where it should have been has had a home made cover plate installed. Guess I'll first have to start looking for a cable and drive gear adapter. Good thing is the car runs and drives well so I can continue to enjoy taking the family for rides while I search for parts. Thanks Guys for the help and good information. Tad
  17. This is just what I needed. Thanks Tinindian.
  18. Thanks guys for the information. I guess I will have to take the gas tank apart and get the sending unit out to see if it is working properly. Then I will have to figure out how much of the red liquid to put in the reservoir so it is calibrated properly. Right now I have it filled such that the glass tube is full also. Thought maybe there was a vacuum pulled when the pump started pulling fuel. Tad
  19. Can anyone tell me how the fuel gauge on a 1928 Buick works. I just rebuilt the fuel gauge, filled the reservoir with the red liquid, checked the line running back to the tank and it was open and the gauge does not work. Does it work by pressure from the tank to make the liquid rise or should the gauge red liquid be to the top of the glass tube and pull down to the fuel level when the fuel pump pulls on the fuel in the tank. I tried it both ways by changing the level of red liquid in the gauge and neither worked. Could use some help. Thanks, Tad
  20. I tried adjusting the clutch and still have to let it all the way out until there is about 1-1.5 inches of pedal travel left. Very hard to get a smooth start. Being new to this world of old Buicks I'm still working on my double clutching to get smooth less grinding shifts. Kind of embarrassing given the amount of attention the car generates when out for a drive. The speedo does not work due to a nonexistent speedo cable and the attachment point on the transmission. I knew it was not working when I bought it but did not realize that it is such a tough part to find. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks, Tad
  21. I am looking for a 1928 Buick 28-20 speedometer cable assembly and the drive/transmission adaptor. If anyone has one or if you know where I might find one please contact me. Thank you, Tad
  22. Do you happen to have any other parts? I am looking for the transmission speedo cable connection and the spedo cable. Thanks, Tad
  23. Guys, I apologize for not thanking all of you for your suggestions and help. The end of the year was a mess for me. I am getting back into the swing of things now and will be starting on my car in the next couple of weeks. I am going to try the gas in the housing trick first in addition to checking the clutch adjustment. I was able to buy the complete clutch assembly as suggested by PEPCAK in addition to a set discs so I would be ready to work. We'll see how it goes. Again thanks for all the responses. Tad
  24. Thanks guys for the help. I will try adjusting the clutch pedal first and see if that helps with the problem. It does not appear that the clutch slips after it engages it just engages so far out in the pedal travel that it is hard to make a smooth take off. I found a set of clutch plates for a 40 series straight six, which I think I have, and was going to buy five of the discs in case the adjustment and cleaning does not work. They are NOS but the seller is not sure they will work for my clutch. Says I should measure the diameter which means a tear down to get that done. Does anyone know if a 40 series for a straight series will work.
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