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  1. These guys at US Automotive Woodworking are redoing my wood. Great work at a price I can live with,,,,give them a call at 714 420 6581
  2. Oh, sorry. I paid $8900 for a full kit with a rear deck. It came as 4 windows fit to a shop car and 2 doors and 2 1/4 units and a rear deck all fit to the shop car with a choice of the veneer. They gave me the units that go on the doors and the inside of the rear at no cost/
  3. Dear Woodie Friends, I got my wood kit for my 1950 Ford woodie from Sasha a American Automotive Woodworks. I found it to me the best kit on the market for the money. It took about 4 months to get it and I was able to fit it in a weekend to my car. I heard both good and bad news about them so I went down to their shop in Orange Calif. Big shop with lots going on. They must have 20 or 30 woodies they are working on at any one time. The guy that owns the place is not to friendly but everyone else was. The gave me 10 clients to call and let me tell you I called everyone of them. To a man they were very happy with the work and the price. The follow-up, updates and call backs could be better I guess but they must be getting better because I did not have any problem of any kind. I looked around and did some research and it looks to me that the people making the most notice about them are people that have taken work from. I say call them and get some phone numbers of people that have worked with them. I would say call 3 or 4 people that do the work, check out the prices, drop by their shops if you can and give everyone a fair shot. James O'Connor