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  1. Just pulled my "new" truck out of Dad's barn, it was my Grandpa's. It is in remarkable shape, both the wood and no rust through, the whole thing has does have surface rust. The engine is a 207 from 1934. I have been picking it over, seeing what it needs and trying to get an idea of the steps in the process to get it to my goal (so far) the other picture which is a very nice, but not overdone truck, that came from a Youtube video. My first step will be to concentrate on the engine, discover what that needs, while formulating a game plan for the rest of it. Jim Mi
  2. We really do not plan on $100,000, we know full well the value at auction is not this example. I really just wanted a place to start, the above post probably was written about the time I added the pictures Thanks, Jim
  3. Thanks for the opinions, and here are the pictures. It came out and rolled very well the engine turned over nice (while pulling it) clutch felt good. Brakes, we did not really try, not wanting to lock things up. Any more thought on the price to at least post, or start off at?
  4. Today my Dad is pulling his 1931 Buick convertible out of the Barn where it has sat for maybe 25 years, he has owned it for maybe 50 years. It was in really good shape previously, it probably had a restoration in the 50's or 60's. But mice and raccoons have taken their toll on it while it was sitting. He is wanting to sell if but I am not sure on a price, I see some Auctions of similar cars in very good shape $150,000 -$250,000 but those prices are meaningless compared to this one. Any thoughts or comparables that have sold? Also, he is going to wash it and get it ready for sale...with t
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