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  1. This Vehicle is tentatively Sold pending Pickup. Thanks to everyone that showed interest and provided feedback. Should anything change I will update. Thanks, Shawn Bradley
  2. Thanks mikewest! If you have any other information about it that you were willing to share, you can email me at
  3. Very interesting. I should be able to confirm this Friday. I would be curious to know how you were able to come up with numbers. Is it registered with the Franklin club?
  4. Yes the VIN# starts with 35, which I understand to signify model 135.
  5. The Vin # that is listed on the current license renewal for is as follows. 351830. I don't believe this to be the full Vin # and will confirm this against the actual ownership/title and the Tag on the Firewall.
  6. I did submit some information to the HH Franklin webmaster but have yet to get a response. This vehicle belongs to a family friend how has inherited it from her father after his passing. I am merely providing some help to find it a home as it is important that it lands with someone that appreciates what it is. Unfortunately, I can't provide too much detail on exactly what was done and when. However, it was with the family since at least the mid sixties and was restored over the years. The VIN starts with 35, so based on what I know it is a 135. I am pulling some addtional photos and details together that will help show more close up details of the body, engine and interior. Best Regards
  7. I have just joined in an attempt to help find a home for the following 1929 Franklin Sedan. See posted pictures. 1929 Franklin Sedan Location Ontario, Canada (Muskokas) Price $8000.00 usd Last ran in June, some brake work is required. Please contact for more details. - Car must go as soon as possible Shawn Bradley email 613-243-2721