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    Model J 34/35 head lamp lenses

    Hi Folks thanks for the assist. Have found the supplier. Not sure of the Forums rules as to commercial names so won't mention, but happy to pass on contact.
  2. NZ HUPP 29

    Model J 34/35 head lamp lenses

    Appreciate that Chuck, I will learn how to navigate the Forum eventually. Will let you know if I have success with lenses.
  3. NZ HUPP 29

    Model J 34/35 head lamp lenses

    Hi thought I had best introduce myself as a reasonably new Forum member. I have been restoring slowly [very] a 29 A Sedan which was two truck loads of bits that is starting to take shape. As I wasn't a vintage car man when I purchased the A the bug has bit. During that time we have joined the Australian Hupmobile Register and really enjoyed the folk and cars we have meet/found through that association. So much so that I purchased a 34 Model J, it is this car I am hoping for some assistance with. I have read an article within the Forum that referred to Acrylic head lamp lenses being available/ made for the 34/35 J&T models. I believe it may have been somebody in California that was making them, not positive on that. I would really appreciate any contact or information on these Acrylic head lamp lenses. To the gentleman that wrote the article on resealing rotary shocks I owe a very big thank you as it was excellent.