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  1. At the rear , it' s airshock , but I change them since the pictures for factory .
  2. Hy everybody , from paris , France , my 66 Rivi .
  3. Hy guys , some news of my drivesahft .. I suspected that the mechanic who had changed the five u joints had remove them with a hammer , because I saw discreet traces of blows on one of the two half shaft.. Using a hammer is not a problem to get out of the u joint, but you have to strike in the right place... So I dismantled it again and I found a guy who could check it with the comparator, and confirm to me that there is indeed one of the two half shaft that was bent. He was able to straighten it with the help of a press, and the vibration has now comple
  4. Hello Kreed , have you still the fan schroud ? I am searching a driveschaft in very good shape too . Important information ...: I leave in France , near Paris .. Thank you .
  5. Thank you for answering ! Hey , I don't know this system . I ve seen their website . Does the system works on car driveshaft ? it seems to be reserved for truck ...
  6. Yes Paul , I will direct my research in this direction . Thank you .
  7. Sorry , I don't understand , what do you mean ? Have the u joint an orientation ?
  8. sorry , I don't know why but it is very hard to find in France a workshop able to do this job . Don't you think that if it was a balancing trouble , the shaft would vibrate at almost all speed ?
  9. I think so too but I don't know why, it is very difficult to find a workshop in France that does this job. Thank you for answering
  10. High everybody , I' m writing you from France . I am the owner of a very nice 66 Rivi I have restaured 7 years ago .. I have a new trouble with it , since I have changed the Universal u joint and the propeller shaft bearing and support . I can feel a vibration , not in the wheel but in the seat . This vibration appears at 30 mph and disappears at 35. It is present in all circumstances, in charge, in deceleration, in neutral. Constant velocity kit are both new , I have torque all bolt at good value , I check the yoke phase ... At o
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