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  1. My circa 1850 house had Horse Hair Plaster walls. When I removed the plaster and lath in order to put in insulation, I could see tufts of hair throughout. Or at least I think it was Horse.
  2. I have a YRC (Yellow-Roadway) freight terminal fairly close to me in VA and have used them a lot. They are careful and will drive the forklift out and put it in your trailer or truck like you said. One thing though, keep that box or pallet as small as possible. They charge by weight but also factor in the cubic size. I made the mistake of shipping a set of wooden stairs by them one time. It used up so much of their truck and cost me out the.....
  3. 60FlatTop.... as a tangent question, what is that film clip from ? I can recognize Andy Devine, Dabbs Greer, and Howard McNear, can't quite identify the fellow with the hat and a couple others. I love to try to identify old character actors.
  4. Two summers ago my wife and I visited Bourbon country in Kentucky. An impromptu visit to the Abbey at Gethsemani was one of the highlights of our trip. Such a peaceful lifestyle certainly is appealing. And their fruitcakes are cured in Kentucky Bourbon...Man, that's tasty !
  5. Thanks for the reply Frank. I'll just mail them to you and when you get the box with my return address, just send me $15 back. How about that ? 40Clubcoupe
  6. I have a box of 43 Franklin AIR COOLED News magazines plus Service Stations, #108 March 1990 to #164 November 2008. Not every year complete. They came with a "brand X" car that I bought so I have no need for them. FREE ! You just pay shipping. $15.05 USPS Priority Medium box will do it. Send me a PM. 40Clubcoupe
  7. I remember going with my father down to a junkyard off Rt.1 Jefferson Davis Hwy to pull a Willys flathead engine. They were burning cars and I was sitting in the car all day smelling noxious fumes. Then there was George Philbates' yard down in Lanexa, VA. We lived around Drewry's Bluff and an early 50's Ford burned up on the street next to our house. At about 3 years old, I was both fascinated and terrified at the sight of that car burning next to our house. My mother had to tell me to stop going to the window to "look at that thing". "40 Clubcoupe" GOCI 2867
  8. Going back to what The 55er said, I bought a gallon of Captain Lee's stripper at Carlisle quite a while back. The stuff ate through the can and seeped out all over a metal shelf in my garage. What a mess. I never get to use any of it, but it stripped the hell out of that shelf. Also, I vividly remember an attractive young lady working the counter at Captain Lee's. It was a bit difficult concentrating on the pitch, but maybe that was part of the sales technique.
  9. Here is a link to a craigslist ad for a 1946 G-P Frazer rototiller in Harrisonburg, VA. Appears to be an older restoration. https://harrisonburg.craigslist.org/grd/d/harrisonburg-1946-rototiller/6941485770.html Although I am interested in G-P cars, I am not a collector of this type of equipment and have no connection with this sale whatsoever.
  10. Another day in the cold garage struggling to remove the 38 headlight switch. Does the pull knob remove from the shaft? Does the shaft remove from the switch lever? Is there a small tab that I can't see that releases the shaft and knob ? Is this some kind of press-in fit? Is there any documentation somewhere that tells about this removal ? Anyone pulled a 38 headlight switch recently ?
  11. Thanks for your reply. Not removed yet. I've been looking and studying this switch for more than a week now. It seems that maybe that hollow shaft you refer to has threads at the switch end, where the shaft and knob could be unscrewed from the switch. But that would mean removing the throttle and choke knobs also so that the switch knob could be rotated. The sliding lever inside the headlight switch that the hollow shaft attaches to looks somewhat flimsy to withstand a lot of twisting torque though. Perhaps a few days of soaking in penetrating oil. I thought the switch really needed to be removed rather than trying to unsolder wires behind the dash. A hot soldering iron above your head in the dark is an accident waiting to happen.
  12. I am removing the wiring harness from my 38 Zephyr, so I am nearing the end and trying to remove the headlight switch from the instrument panel. I am mystified at how this switch is removed from the dash. It appears that maybe the knob screws off the switch shaft...but this knob is square and has no room to turn against the other knobs, even with the panel nut behind the knob loosened. It's humbling that something so seemingly simple is such a puzzle. How is this switch removed ? The Zephyr is perhaps the first car I have encountered that has soldered connections to various components...wires soldered onto headlight switch, dimmer switch, antenna rail. Good thing I bought a 300 watt Weller soldering iron at Hershey a few years ago.
  13. The Jan.10, 2019 posting of The Old Motor online had another entry about the Zephyr. This time, a dark-colored '37 Zephyr Coupe takes the spotlight in this photo taken in the New York City Sept. 10, 1939. There is no other car in this street photo that even begins to look as modern and sophisticated as the Zephyr. From this angle, the Zephyr is truly a work of art.
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