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  1. We've all seen the documentary evidence of the havoc these things can unleash:
  2. RoadShark

    67 LS1 40K (eBay)

    With the Riv being my first Buick, I've now owned most of GM's brands, except Olds. I've mostly had Chevys and like them, but I want a Buick engine in my Buick... That said - it looks like somebody did a nice job with that car.
  3. Might want to read this thread for information and inspiration:
  4. RoadShark

    Rebuilding my 69 GS

    Man, you did a lot of work and it came out nice. I love that color.
  5. So in a panic situation you don't mash the brake and the gas pedal?
  6. Whoops. Reading is Fundamental. Missed that.
  7. I'm not an expert on what's available for steering boxes, but I think all bolt-in boxes, regardless of ratio, will have the same external dimensions. I had to heat the headers up with a torch and pound a clearance dent in them where they contacted the steering box ear.
  8. 1967. Check my sig line. Here's the engine, which will be rebuilt soon so the headers aren't the best looking part of the engine:
  9. They are very well constructed, however they interfered with the steering box on my car. I've read of the same from others. So, if you're going to have them coated, "adjust" them first and then have them coated. Unlike what I did...?
  10. Mine's definitely not a show car, at least for now, so I put 235/75/15 extra load Firestone Destinations on. No clearance problems and helps with the road conditions here.
  11. At the bottom of this thread you can see what I did. I used the cheap NAPA mounts. They were close, and workable, but definitely not like original. Some people send out for revulcanization of their originals, but it's pricey.
  12. This should rustle some jimmies....
  13. I gotta say - someone must have done a lot of work and that came out very nice.
  14. I ordered up the Classic Tube set for my '67. First off - the stainless is not very forgiving. The pre-bent lines are good, but not perfect. Whereas steel or NiCopp will give a little to get that last move into the fitting, the stainless feels like you are nearing that "kink it" point much sooner. The long line is a real pain. It comes folded over once in the box so you have to try to figure out the proper un-bending to make it correct. I'm using a lift and it's still a pain threading the line through the X-frame and getting it oriented right. Might be easier on a frame-off. If I was going to do it again, I'd do NiCopp. Perhaps Classic Tube will offer pre-bent NiCopp someday.