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  1. Interested in what Philips body style you have. I've not seen another Philips 4 passenger phaeton. The tags are at the bottom of the cowls just in front of the A pillars
  2. Your pictures help. I think we can fabricate the brackets that attach to the cowl posts but I would like to find the tire clamps. Thanks
  3. Here is a photo of the type of tire clamp I am seeking. I'm looking for a pair. Zoom in to see side mount tire clamp. I do not have a closeup of the mounting brackets. They are not specific to Stutz but would have been used across car manufacturers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I am looking for brackets and clamps for side mount spare tires for my 1928 Stutz. I have the lower clamps but am missing the upper clamps and brackets. Does anyone know of a source? I would think these would cross car manufacturers. Thanks Bob Parker
  5. This picture was taken around 1947. Can anyone give me an idea of make of car from this partial view? Approximate year? Thanks Bob
  6. I have a 1928 Stutz BB 4 Passenger phaeton with Philips plates on the lower cowls. Do you know how many Philips body phaetons were made?
  7. rkp5555

    Stutz BB

    I'm looking for a Stutz BB manual. Any ideas? AACA library does not appear to have one.
  8. rkp5555

    Stutz research

    Great article. Any idea where I might find production numbers?
  9. rkp5555

    Stutz research

    I am researching Stutz models. Robbins was a carriage company in Indianapolis that provided bodies to Stutz. Apparently most were closed body but they did make open bodies in the mid to late 20s for the 4 passenger phaeton speedster. What I cannot find are any production numbers for Robbins open body Stutz and how many might remain today. I know one sold in the last couple of years at auction. Anyone able to provide any help?
  10. I am currently looking for 1937 fender light lenses as are several others in the 37-38 Buick Yahoo group. Bob's has been out of stock forever. I called and they have no prospect for getting any. I found a lead for some made in North Carolina but they would not be available until late this year or early next year and are quite expensive. I have one lens that is cracked but complete except for a few chips in the mounting flange. A couple of the posts on this topic indicated they could be made, but that was back in 2013. Is this still possible?
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