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  1. I had a question about the extra parts, no parts car but I have been working on this project for years and have picked up any parts I have found just in case and sorry I missed out on some others. I think I know the ones I don't need and want to see the others put to use. I will be listing what I have but feel free to ask if I have something you might need
  2. My headlights are tiltray, guide Here are pic of the hood center
  3. The ones on the radiator shell are for mine, no you can't have them ha ha I had some trouble posting , the brass is re pop from ANTIQUE CUSTOM PARTS and I will sell for $35. There is a stainless strip that runs down the center, I'll add pics, the radiator support rods are 1/2" rod fine threaded on one end to go through the cowel with nuts on inside and out, and flat on the other to bolt to the rusty bracket under the mount Just for info I used 5/16 shoulder bolts for hinge pins with nuts on the bottom, I know there not right but they work for now and I can pull and lube them
  4. I'm posting some photos in hopes they will give you a better idea of what you are looking for, first is the mount that is riveted to the cowl and is just a piece of flat bar, if not there I can give dimensions. The brass cover is a re pop from ANTIQUE CUSTOM PARTS, no longer in business, that I will sell for $35
  5. I'm posting some photos in hopes they will give you a better idea of what you are looking for. The brackets are not the part numbers you are looking for, 252364 252365 I think they are late 31 but if someone wants to look them up and let me know it would be great but they let you know what they look like
  6. Hi I don't have a book to look up part numbers so are you looking for the headlight mount or just the rod that goes radiator to headlight Does it take the oval headlights and do you have them?
  7. Hi to all, I see you have the cylinder out, can you share how to get them out. I need to get the one out of the door handle Thanks Rick
  8. I don't think this has any extra holes
  9. The locksmith looked for a hole but didn't find it. I will look and let you know if I find it Thanks Rick I looked and there is no hole
  10. Can anyone tell me how to get the lock cylinder out of the door handle on a 31 Commander so I can have it rechromed Thanks for any help
  11. I got the one for my 31 Commander from Steele Rubber Products
  12. Here are some that I took before I took it apart so I would know how to put it back together Had to replace wood in roof and under the floor. Hope to have it back on the road this year, maybe next. Let me know if you need others Had to put the last ones in for fun. Rick