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  1. Hi to all, I have a 31 Commander and purchased a set of horns to mount under the headlights Can someone post a photo or two of how they mount and what the mount looks like.
  2. rickb

    Preserving Headlamp Reflectors

    Dental reflectors for the lights, you know the ones that shine in your eyes
  3. rickb

    Preserving Headlamp Reflectors

    I had the UVIRA coating done over the new nickel and they look great , my guess is that they can do it over the silver They do dental reflectors They are in Merlin Oregon
  4. rickb

    1931 Studebaker Radiator

    I know you said model 54 but I have a radiator out of a 31 Commander 8 cyl. Not sure how close it would come or if it would fit at all
  5. My 31 Commander headlight buckets have stress crack Does anyone know who repairs them and re chromes them. Maybe there is a post already but I was not able to find it.
  6. rickb

    31 Commander Door Check

    Thanks Robert, It says it fits a 32-33, I will check with them about the length to make sure it is the same as my 31 but it looks good Rick
  7. rickb

    31 Commander Door Check

    Looking for a door check for the rear door on a 31 Studebaker Commander Rick
  8. rickb

    31 Commander Door Check

    Thanks I will check them I just checked Steele and they don't have the type that fits my car
  9. Can anyone tell me where to look for 1931 Commander back door checks. One of mine has pulled the pin through the rubber and I don't want it to hit the fender. Thanks Rick
  10. I have a radiator out of a 31 Commander, it worked good, no leaks and kept the engine cool. It has been sitting for the last ten years and I don't need it and don't want to sell it for scrap. asking $100 plus shipping from Oregon I am going to Mesa Az. in Nov. and can take it along if that will help. Rick