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  1. Got the Reatta on my friends lift finally. Today we changed the power steering sensor old one was leaking. Also put side molding on drivers side (thank you Jim Finn). Changed out the dog bone motor mount. Finally new upper strut mount on pass side. Have been stocking up on needed parts more to do but a good start.
  2. I am both a new Reatta owner and new to this forum. I was looking for a g-Body Cutlass 81-87. I found the reatta on CL for $1200 and liked it enough to buy it. It's not perfect but everything works. Headlights, air. power windows seats mirrors and radio. I am in western NY but the car is from Florida thus no rust. It has 207,000 miles but runs perfect and just passed NYS inspection. As far as investment not looking for a return just a nice cruise car. By the way the fellow I bought it from was 86 I am 73. I have been repairing and building computers for 40 years. So not in the no clue group . I have bought some parts to repair little things. I bought a fan belt and the dog bone motor mount. Got some seats a side molding rearview mirror. By next spring it will be a very nice cruise night car. Any other owners around the Rochester area?