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  1. I am in desperate need of the rubber window seals for the passenger and driver door windows... Here in washington we are full rain season and my window seals leak quite a bit... I need to get this fixed ASAP. If anyone knows where i can get the weather stripping for the door windows that will fit my 89 HARDTOP please let me know!
  2. Does anyone know the official "pinout" of the vacuum lines in the back of the HVAC controller? My heater control valve gets no vacuum and i can see the line inside the car but cannot find it in the back of the HVAC controller... maybe color faded.. not sure.. Thanks
  3. ok so im converting the system in my 89 to r-134a and i bought the retrofit fittings but the original r-12 low side fitting is smaller than the low side retrofit adapter and smaller than the fitting on my r-12 manifold gauge set.... i know i have the right retrofit adapters because the low side wont fit on the high side.. what am i missing
  4. Ok so im having a weird issue with the power locks on my 89 tc... the DRIVER SIDE switch only LOCKS the doors and the PASSENGER SIDE only UNLOCKS the doors.. any ideas?? there is no clicking sound like its trying to lock/unlock the doors... i just find that odd lol
  5. last update ;P i went down to the local parts shop and what do you know.. they had a brand new rheostat on the shelf... put it in and bam! dash lit up no problem thanks for the help!
  6. I figured out how to pull the rheostat out.. just unscrew the nut then pull the wiring plug off... what pins in the wiring plug do i jump?
  7. i have the whole cluster out at this point... the rheostat is riveted in and i cant see any places to jump to/from on it is there something im missing?
  8. ok, ill do that tomorrow.. where could i get a replacement rheostat? or is it a generic part or search ebay for it? and the ac/heater does not light up either..
  9. fuses were the first thing i checked and they are all good... and nothing when i turn the knob slowly
  10. btw my thoughts were that the infinity head unit took in a dimmer line and that not being connected to anything could be the issue
  11. Ok so i have newly acquired a 89 tc by maserati and the dash illumination lights wont come on.. bulbs are good but no light.... it has an aftermarket radio so the infinity harness is abandoned in the back... any help would be appreciated
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