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  1. currently selling my 1955 four holer. It is a two door hard top. 322 nailhead, dynaflow trans. All power options, windows, seat, gauges, radio (needs speaker), lights work. Power steering car. I have the original carb, air cleaner for it. Currently have an Edelbrock 600cfm and air cleaner. Have two charters to go with it and extra intake. Have a nice set of extra stock wheels. Also have an extra set of front and rear brake shoes and hardware as a back up. Has a new rebuilt fuel pump. Car runs and drives great. Needs paint and can send pictures. Needs some body side stainless. Asking 4500 because it needs love. Drove it all over this summer without overheating. Trying to adopt a child and expenses have come up so the classic is first on the block. Private message for pics and extra information.
  2. Sounds great. I truly appreciate it.
  3. Is it bad I cringed when seeing her on the car thinking about scratching the paint?
  4. That's definitely an over seas deal by the look it's a Russian BMP. So god who knows
  5. I use Amsoil Zrod in my Buick. Formulated for classics. 10w-30 during the warmer months 5w30 colder. My engine runs great and no issues.
  6. Put your door skin on first, it will give you ample room to re seam the door skin, remember if it calls for seam sealers you usually have 40 minutes to complete the task. Once you have the door skin in place hang your door, align your gap closest to your rear quarter and rocker first before working your negative and positive flushes. Once aligned check your body lines, the gap be equal all the way around will show you what adjustments to skin you will have to make. Have a bare she'll makes this easier just from weight and not worrying about damaging hard to find parts or door glass.
  7. If an exhaust valve does not fully seat it could do that as well
  8. Well I do have a good list here, Front bumper Headlight bezels Body side stainless, any pieces would be great A solid rear bumper Let me know what you can do, I greatly appreciate it and since I live in Minnesota as well I would be willing to come grab them. Let me know the cost. I greatly appreciate it.
  9. Ethanol does burn cooler but dryer, at least a basic lead additive will allow valve seats to have some protection which is better than none.
  10. I usually drop the tie rod ends and go that route unless cross member clearance is an issue.
  11. I know a great contact up here in Minnesota if you need parts. Just let me know what you need.
  12. I have a two door good sir. I greatly appreciate it.
  13. Rust hit the nail on the head or nailhead if you drive a Buick.
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