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  1. He just texted back. The truck sold for $23000 this morning.
  2. Well, my father in law is out of town all this week relaxing in Red River New Mexico, so we won't be able to bid on the truck. I'm good with passing on it and looking for a decent 1/2 ton. Just out of curiosity I texted the seller and he said he'll let me know what it sells for. They ran out of 'spots' for the auction because they finished a 69 goat they were fixing up and took it instead, but they're going to put the truck in the next one. I'll keep ya'll posted.
  3. Real Talk Jim! That's good advice. All along while I was driving the 15 miles to look at it, I had a 'sinking' feeling in my belly. Even though I knew this truck was a kick-ass monster, I still had reservations because I was buying in haste. That made me noxious. I'm going with Vermontboy's advice too, "when you see the "right" one there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that this is THE one.". That's how I found my wife. That will be how I find my truck. Good evening fellas, and have a lucky first football weekend!
  4. That's a good idea Rusty. My father in law lives up there. Maybe I'll see if he can stop by and check it out. We're good friends, and he's retired, so it might be fun for him. Seller was swearing up and down that he was planning on getting 27k-32k for it at auction, and that I was basically getting a 'steal' at 18k. We'll see though. Also, if my father in law goes we will have a better idea for what the market is like right now in Texas. He's a Corvette guy, and has a 2011.
  5. Ok. I passed up on it. I put a picture of it up just now. He wanted 18k. This thing was PRISTINE! He's taking it to an auction in Dallas on Monday if any of ya'll are interested. My wife sold the Jeep today for 3k. Still want to sell my car before I get a truck, but MAN this guy was hard to pass up! I had to get some money quick, and Wells Fargo was going to lend me 15k today, but he was firm on 18, and we hadn't sold our jeep yet, so I didn't have the 18 to give him before he sent it to auction. Also, I was a little scared off since he put that 400 big block with holley 4 in it. I could literally watch the gas gauge plummet as we were on the test drive. I'd rather settle for something a lil less 'mean' since I plan on driving it every day. Super Sweet Truck Though! He had this thing WIDE OPEN. Oh well, hopefully the Lord has something better waiting for me.
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    Chads Trucks

    Pictures of trucks that Chad looked at
  7. Ok, Thanks Mr. Call! I'll do just that. I thought myself to offer 16.5 and negotiate, but he said "NOT A PENNY LESS than $18k, oil is bad now and I live off oil that's why im givin this thing to you." I'll send you guys pictures tomorrow. Kinda gettin nervous about this whole thing. Don't like to be rushed so much, but this deal seems to be falling in our lap. So, does anyone else agree that he won't get any more than $16k? He swears 'up and down' that he will get 20-35k in Dallas at the auction, and so does my mechanic (12 years). I told him I'd give him 15k to which he promptly replied "Kiss my ass". Gotta love our older generation! Thanks again! Chad
  8. Hey fellas, I'm in a tight spot! So, the jeep and civic haven't been sold yet, but the jeep is in the process of being sold. I followed ya'lls advice and called my mechanic. When I told him the situation, he LIT UP! He knows an older gentleman who has truck in town that is exactly what I am looking for, and he knows that the gentleman has been trying to sell it 'street side' for only the past two weeks because he never wanted to mess with putting it online or in a paper, so it should still be there to buy. Perfect, Right! It's a 71 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 long bed two tone green and white. He had a factory A/C installed because it didn't come with one. It was originally from up north in Illinois. He wants $18k FIRM. It has been lifted a bit and now it has 17" rims, which I am usually not a fan, but actually looks balanced for that year model. What kind of threw me off though, was that he said he had a 400 block put in it sooo, I have wonder what was originally in it. Most of you guys told me to stay away from customs, and try to find originals. The interior is pristine. The body has only one ding 'if you look at it in the correct sunlight'. I'm 65% leaning to pick this thing up. If I don't produce the money by Sunday, it's going to auction in Dallas. I went to Wells Fargo right after work today because I haven't sold the jeep or civic yet, and they said I could get a loan for 18k. All this is a little too fast for me, but I don't want to pass something up that falls into my lap like this. What do ya'll think? Much Gratitude for all the Help Again, Chad
  9. Thanks everyone for all the advice. I'm gonna go see the truck Bob showed me this weekend. I'll keep ya'll updated, and now that I have a good game plan I'm really excited about this. My wife already found a buyer for the Jeep, so it might be sooner than expected.
  10. Howdy Folks, I'm finally able to buy a classic truck like I've been dreaming of since I was 13. I'm 35 now and my dream car has always been a 69 GTO Judge, but I'm settling on getting a truck since my family needs the payload (woodwork/hay/firewood) and pulling (boat/2 horse trailer). The questions I have for ya'll experts are listed below. My price range is 10k to 25k, and from everything I've searched I should be able to find a decent 65-75 pickup. I am not 'make' specific, though I do like the 72 ford and gmc bodies. I worked at a parts house/ small shop for 7 years in high school and college, so I have a good grasp for maintenance. I am looking to buy a truck for life...this will be my 'baby', and if all goes well I'll die in it when I'm 72-89, then give it to my daughter (she likes shoes and mickey mouse now, but she will learn to appreciate classic cars/trucks). Thanks in advance for all of the valuable info guys and gals! 1. Where do I start looking? I'm in Bryan Texas. Is there a known online source for classic trucks that is well respected? I've seen some sites that are trying to sell any ol junk for more than 40K just because they are 'classic'. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are within reach. 2. I have a 2005 Jeep Cherokee (bad conditon) and 2005 Honda Civic (good condition) to trade in. Hopefully I can get at least 2k for the jeep and 3k for the Honda. Where would you guys start for selling them? Dealership, Carmax, Online Personally? 3. Are there any specific makes/models I should avoid? You know, the ones that have had chronic oil pump, tranny, carb, front seal...etc.. issues. 4. Do you guys know if I can shop out of state and get the truck delivered at a decent (<1000) price, or can I search anywhere and be okay knowing shipment isn't going to be outrageous? 5. Do ya'll know any 'obvious' ripoffs of scams that I should look out for. 6. Finally, Do any of ya'll know of a 65-75 any make pickups for sale at a good price? Thanks in advance again, Chad
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