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  1. What's the idea behind spinning the motor up on a stand rather than actually running it?
  2. because my car is right hand drive the throttle linkage goes over the top of the motor so is completely different to what you will be doing
  3. i have an adapter which just turns the mounting flange 90 degrees just bolts up then
  4. i have a tillotson jr5a on my car. once tuned good it runs well and returns acceptable mileage
  5. looks to be a 1919 eh sedan with later disk wheels, headlights, cowl and tail light adapted on for appearance perhap. 1919-1920 is distinctive because it has the short and rear placed louvers on the bonnet. also no front brakes and the way the spare tire is cradled. originally the radiator would have been painted body color rather than chrome or nickle. body all looks the way it should suicide door front and back, door handles are correct. first picture in post #6 of interior of car is a ford model A.
  6. looks more like a Chrysler/Plymouth /Desoto just looking by the flat shape of the front.
  7. does anyone know the correct spark plug to put in my 1928 Studebaker dictator. it is the 242 motor cheers
  8. plymouthcranbrook. its still apart. good thinking. i will have to get it checked before i put it together haha yes c49er the car has been slow for a very long time
  9. update: its getting a new head gasket and manifold heat exchanger gasket made, when i put it back together with the old head gasket i had worries about whether it was going to seal, and sure enough after an hour or two once the grease all burned away it had massive gas leaks between the cylinders. also heat exchanger gasket was leaking so its getting a solid copper one made. should be all back together withing a week or two.
  10. So for as long as i can remember our 1929 Plymouth hasn't been winning any prizes for speed and it recently started running kinda rough. so i investigated. compression check was first and that uncovered that number 1 cylinder had no compression. so off came the head with expectations of either broken rings and a scored bore or a burned valve. thankfully it was the latter. whipped out the offending valve and the other 3 to get resurfaced and to be used a patterns. a new stainless valve was made for me in mere hours and i was able to reassemble it again. all in one day! the car seems to run a damn sight better with all 4 cylinders producing power now sorry didn't take a picture of the new valve
  11. what ratio have you got? i'm after a 4.3 or higher
  12. hi all i have a 1928 GE dictator with a 4.6 diff ratio. Since i am going to be doing a fair bit of highway driving with it i need a taller diff ratio, i know these cars came also with a 4.3 ratio which i have one already, but with 85 years of use and who knows how much adjusting these gears are worn really beyond use. Does anyone know of another diff head that will be a bolt on swap without having to cut my drive shaft, or alternately does anyone know of a high ratio diff that is in Canterbury New Zealand? cheers
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