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  1. Jerry, I am really looking to sell the whole package. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Miquel, I have originals and ones that I have made. Kevin
  3. I do still have it and can measure that for you tomorrow. Looks like you need to weld in a floor pan from your picture. Are you planning on getting that from a sedan ?
  4. Due to a move, I'm losing my shop space and need to sell my project. Its a '47 Super C which is complete and includes NOS Front fenders and outer rocker panels. I worked on it for a while and cut up a 4 dr for floor panels, so I have duplicates of all of the common parts - grille dashboard with gauges etc. The body tub was sandblasted all the rust has been repaired and floor panels replaced starting at the back towards the front. The front floor panel taken from the 4dr still needs to be welded in. The convertible frame is solid with no patching needed, but it has no engine, which I was going to use from the sedan. Note the chassis with engine is from the sedan. There are also many boxes of small parts not shown in the pictures that go with it. Review the pictures (sorry for the quality of some of them) and contact me. I'm unloading it at a loss for $3500. Car and parts are located in southern Maine. Thanks, Kevin
  5. Jack, Don't if it'll help, but I have a good '47 chassis with complete drivetrain from a Super that I am looking to get rid of. It's stored inside in Portland ME. Thanks, Kevin Reilley
  6. Hi, Just following up on parts for a '47 convertible - rear fenders, rear ashtrays rear quarter windows. Thanks, Kevin
  7. Hi, I'm working on a 47 Super convertible and I'm looking for rear fenders for it and possibly some other parts for the same. let me know what you have if anything. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Will this unit work to add power steering to a 47 Super 56c ?
  9. A little more work. Made patch panels and removed/replaced rusted out trunk floor pan. Also hammerred out and welded up the damage a PO had done to the floor with an air hammer trying, I assume to get to the fuel tank sender unit. Also made one of the replacement pieces for the front floor braces that fit inside of the inner rocker panel at the very front where it mounts to the frame.
  10. Matt, Sounds great - any new pictures to post ? Where did you source the rubber matting for the running boards ? Is it similar to the original in pattern ? Kevin
  11. Finished up the drivers side welding - not the best quality welds, but solid and the heat shrink hammered out. All the welds end up underneath faring panels or gravel guards. Fitted the fender, skirt and gravel guard less the stainless. I was a little nervous here since I had replaced so much metal in this area, but it all fit together well. Need to do the same on the passenger side.
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