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  1. Hi Not sure if you have any parts still available for this type of car but I imported into the UK last year a 1948 Continental and have done a fair amount of restoration work on this, but parts in the UK are rare as you can imagine. I am after the rubber rear wheel arch covers and chrome trim that goes along the bottom of the front and rear wheel arches if that makes sense. I had one missing from one side of the car and the other one fell to bits when it was taken off to do the body work. The other thing that I am missing is door locks, as this car has push button opening doors but neither of them has a lock or a means to lock it, do you have a complete assembly with a key for at least one door as the front passenger door can be locked from the inside. If you have a list of anything else that you have basically body work stuff I am mostly interested in at the moment that would be great. Many thanks Paul