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  1. Thank you for the information. I will definitely get the hard copys. I have a CD manual for my Subaru and Id never do that again.
  2. Do you know where I could find the literature for it? I found a place for my International at a place called binderbooks.com. Is there something like that for the Buick? Thank you for the offer on the wood parts. Once I get it into the garage I will assess what I will need and get back to you for sure. Luckily I still do have the windshield parts but they are in need of repair. I will get more pictures and information this weekend or next week once I get it into the garage where it will be safe.
  3. Thank you guys SO much for all the information. I own a small business and have been super busy the last couple days so I havent had a chance to look at the tag and things yet. I should have some time today. I will definitely PM you. My car friends and I get together to talk cars and drink beer on Friday nights and you are more than welcome to stop by if you can. Id love to pick your brain about the car whenever you can come see it. I also have some other treasures stashed away around my place that youd probably like. Yea I was thinking the same thing. Im hoping that it is in the
  4. Oh yea it does have a radio too, that must have been the cats pajamas in 1932! I hope I can find the key for it...
  5. Ok Thank you! I will look at that tag and measure the wheelbase this morning. So the disriminator for the extremely rare one is the wheelbase? Or is there something else to look for? What is the difference between a Roadster and a couple convertable? Sorry about all the questions, this car is way older than I am familiar with that hasnt been hot rodded such as the Fords and Chevys.
  6. Ok thank you, I will look at it tomorrow in the daylight and post a picture. I think that tag is still there.
  7. Hello everyone. I have what I think is a really rare 1932 Buick Roadster. I just pulled it out of the barn last week. My great uncle bought it in the early 50s and drove it until the early 70s when it was parked and never driven again. Im having trouble finding information about it and I was wondering if some people here could help me with its restoration. Im not new to restoring cars but I just cant seem to find much information on it. Im pretty sure its the rare one because it appears to have the wizard control and it definitely has the overhead valve straight 8. Its in need of total resto
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