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  1. Funny thing you should have a route 66 link. One other thing on my bucket list is to drive a classic the entire Route 66. I am really tempted to get this car done up to road worthy state and make the journey .
  2. Funny you should mention OCA that is one of the first fb groups I joined after getting the car bought.
  3. The interior no doubt someone loved blue velvet I wonder if they liked Bobby Vinton The Paint however from the going over I gave the car, if it is a repaint they must have paid a really big buck doing it because there is no evidence on the car of what the original paint was if this is not the original. All the places I looked showed me indicators of it being original paint. I totally do NOT dig the interior.
  4. Just wanted to start a thread here to show off my 41 Olds that I bought last week and pick up Aug 2. If anyone can give me some info on the proper name for it that would be greatly appreciated, It is a 6 cyl car. So far I have managed to locate a source for the clock that is missing. Now to be on the hunt for the other stuff missing from the car. Betty has spent her life since 1998 up on blocks in the previous owners garage and prior to that spent a few years in a barn from what I understand.
  5. I plan to do a documentation of it from picking it up on Aug 2 and thereon forward. My life of old cars started with a 65 Falcon and went in this order. 79 Grand Prix, 75 Cutlass, 59 AMC Coupe, 53 Dodge Regent, 69 Datsun Fairlady 70 Monte Carlo, 66 Riviera GS (1 of 179), 57 Pontiac Laurentian, 58 Pontiac Pathfinder. I kept my 66 Renault Caravelle and am debating a franken build on it or to put it back together as it came. While I am not a master mechanic by any means, I can turn a wrench. What I like about the engine that is in this car is that it is a pretty straightforward one Most definitely looking to pick up some advice for other car guys along the way for sure. And THANKS TO THIS FORUM I have already found a clock for the interior.
  6. I forgot to mention the guy had a stack of boxes filled with liscence plates from so many years he must have had at least 3000 of them. Here where I live you can actually register your car with a period correct plate for the year if you have one. So the car comes with a plate from 1941. And to the side are 4 brand new tires with tubes that have never been used so Barnfind Betty will look just spiffy with a set of rubber that is period correct and on rims from 1941.
  7. So I have been a casual classic car guy doing the odd buy and sell over the past 25 years. I have always had what I consider a dream of mine that I have wanted to accomplish. This would be to find a barn/garage find and that happened this last week. I found out about this one being for sale from a local add that simply had a picture of the front grill. While I have never owned a car of this vintage, as soon as I saw the picture of the grill I knew I had to at least get over to look at it as soon as possible. Quite simply if this was any indication of what the car looked like I needed to take a closer look. I have had cars from the 50's through to the 70's but never one this old. Got a response to the email and made arrangements to meet with the guy at 730 am the next morning. I honestly could not believe my eyes when I got a look at the car. He picked it up in 1998 from the original owner and it became a one day car for him. Well the years had come and gone and his one day never came. As he works a strange schedule he had not been able to connect with the many people who tried to have a look at it. I cut a deal with him on the spot and made arrangements for pick up on Aug 2. I have never seen such an intact car this old. Other than the interior that was redone some time in the past this car is 98% complete. It is only missing the front icicle turn lamps, the turn signal chrome pieces on the back, the liscence plate mount and the badging on the trunk. Even crazier is that this car is pretty much rust free. I have so many ideas on what can be done with this car that range from modernizing the drive train and suspension to keeping it bone stock and rebuilding the engine. I have also toyed with the idea of selling it but have not reached that point yet because it is not everyday that you realize a dream of finding something like this. Here is a string of pictures of the car that I have thus far. I honestly feel like a kid in a candy store.
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