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  1. I've lowered my reserve to $4,200 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Reatta-Base-Coupe-2-Door-/281993439345?forcerrptr=true&hash=item41a81e6871:g:ggUAAOSwGYVW-Jmx&item=281993439345
  2. yes its aftermarket. and I only have the one remote that I got from the previous owner. Since I'm the only driver of the car, I never bothered getting a second universal remote. It does lock and unlock both doors and trunk
  3. Long long story. I have to get rid of it, and I really don't want to. The good thing for me is...as long as the value of these things don't jump sky-high in the next year or so, I can get back into one, maybe even nicer, for not much money. Lord knows I am going to take a bath on this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Reatta-Base-Coupe-2-Door-/281984159477?forcerrptr=true&hash=item41a790cef5:g:ggUAAOSwGYVW-Jmx&item=281984159477 close to 200 pics here: http://s1104.photobucket.com/user/stormpatchkid/library/Reatta
  4. does this belong to any of you here?
  5. I'm not really all that serious about doing it, but with so many of the buick models over the years that have fender vents, I wonder why the reatta didn't have them? I saw some of those aftermarket stick-on fender vents at the auto parts store the other day. I got kind've a chuckle out of it, but at the same time I was kinda impressed about how nice they looked and thought about trying them out on the reatta, lol. I wonder how the ones from a park avenue would look on a reatta?
  6. thanks for posting that! pretty cool! and I didn't know they Cadillac Atlante came in a hard top. That would've been a cool option for the reatta. In the video, when they say the power steering on our cars are "over-boosted", what exactly does that mean?
  7. aha! makes sense. I remember I had to install resistors on my mc rear lights to get them to blink. I think I may convert in the future, but I'm in no hurry. I would be curious to see the light they put out. The only thing I don't like about alot of cars I see that have converted the tail lights is they seem to have a sort of pinkish white-ish tint to them. It looks like only 3 each side are park and turn lights, the other 6 (2 now in my case) are just park lights, plus the 2 small side lamps. I took some pics today. I like it, but honestly I could take it or leave it. What I like most is how the "BUICK" letters look I will leave it as-is for now. I almost wonder if I'd like it better if I eliminated another 2 bulbs each side, and came out with the paint some more, painting the reflectors the same length also. It would make the tail lights even smaller and maybe tie the back end together a little more with the color. Oh well. Its always neat to share stuff like this on-line with folks and see the feedback If anybody was to want to do this, you literally would not need to remove anything from the car. It could be easily masked off and painted right there.
  8. I'll take some pics outside Wednesday
  9. Wouldn't I be able to just install these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/201025537305?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D201025537305%26_rdc%3D1
  10. she's probably got some dead-beat douche-bag boyfriend in the passenger seat yelling "Hurry up and get that damn tire changed!!!"
  11. hey now that's pretty neat. I don't think I would go that route on my car, but I do think it's pretty cool
  12. I don't think there was any pontiac motors in any of the third gen firebirds. nor in any of the 4th gen firebirds either. the only differances I can think of off top my head between the gnx's and the tta's was the heads and exhaust headers. tta's had to use the fwd 3.8 heads to fit the engine compartment, along with the headers being reworked. and I don't think the tta got the gnx's bigger turbo with ceramic impeller and fod trap, but not 100% on that.
  13. I figure with 4 each side still having those 1154's that I would still be just as noticeable as anything else out there, but I'll give it a look this week at night and see what it looks like.
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