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  1. Hi Ed, Thanks for the question. I checked our windshield wiper file and the only Trico Visionall item we have is the "Two Little Guards" brochure. However, there is zero reference to a "Tubular Visionall Wiper." Were they advertised as such? For additional questions, please give us a call or send an email to: mhocker@aaca.org Thanks for your question and have a good one. Sincerely, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  2. That's a really neat image. You can really see the oval footprint of the track. Thank you for sharing this with us! -Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  3. Hi Kalila, Those images come from a magazine titled The Automobile. I believe there are more images from several different years, spread throughout the magazines of the time (trade journals such as: Motor, Motor Age, Cycle & Automobile Trade Journal, etc.). This image is from the same issue, same show: http://aacalibrary.tumblr.com/post/139912596859/wireless-telegraph-car-long-before-cell-phones We also have files on the show, with a few undated photographs that appear to be prewar, photos from the 1949 show, and an event program for the 1971 show. -Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  4. Thanks for sharing that tidbit of information from The Standard Catalog. It's not too often you come across a brochure printed for such a limited production vehicle. *Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  5. You're welcome - glad the image jogged your memory. Thanks for sharing your barn-find story. We'd love to have seen one of these in person, as you had. Indeed, it's a great shame they were lost in a fire. These Oldsmobiles were modified and sold by the Railway Appliances Company of Chicago. I took a second look through the catalog, and they offered a version of the car "without canopy top," so the vehicle you saw in the shed could have very well been one of these. *Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  6. A happy belated birthday to Bentley! Great name, too. -Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  7. Hi. We strive to be as accurate as possible, though sometimes things fall through the cracks. What are the stand-out features/characteristics that lead you to believe this is a 1931? Thanks for your comment. -Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  8. You're welcome. There's so much out there that it would be impossible to put them in every auto book. Tumblr is great because we can share our images online, and they will always be there. Neat find. Thanks for sharing that!
  9. Hi Mr. Albright, I checked our material and didn't find files on Rochester-Duesenberg engines. If you know what cars they came standard in, we could check our sales literature on those cars. In the meantime, I searched for the company on Google books and came across some period articles that made reference to the company. You can browse through them here: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22Rochester+Motors%22+Company&source=lnt&tbs=cdr%3A1%2Ccd_min%3A1920%2Ccd_max%3A1924&tbm=bks Here is an example of one of the articles: https://books.google.com/books?id=ooAXAQAAMAAJ&pg=RA2-PA23&dq=%22Rochester+Motors%22+Company&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2k_bp1aTKAhVEbj4KHVmZAyEQ6AEIMDAB#v=onepage&q=%22Rochester%20Motors%22%20Company&f=false Hopefully these will give you a good start on your research. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thanks! Regards, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  10. Hi Craig, What a cool car. Thanks for sharing your post with us! -Matthew Hocker Asst. Librarian
  11. You're welcome, Terry! Thanks for sharing that extra tidbit of historical insight on Arnolt. -Matthew Hocker Asst. Librarian
  12. Hi George, The publication was titled Frontenac Ford or Fronty Ford? Sorry to report we don't have any such publication titles in the collection. For something like that, you might want to try the Benson Ford Research Center. http://www.thehenryford.org/research/contact.aspx Hope this helps. Regards, Matthew Hocker Asst. Librarian
  13. We will now be posting links to our articles in Speedster, AACA monthly online newsletter. This article appeared in the November issue and was written up as a follow-up to Mike Reilly's library article in the November/December 2015 issue of Antique Automobile. Link to the article. If you're interested in the early history of the club (the development of the club emblem in this case), this might prove a fun read for you. If you have more information, feel free to comment and share. Note: We later found out that the AACA Museum also has one of the early club emblems. Enjoy!
  14. One of the sad things about a lot of early cars, especially the ones that were more limited production, was that few survived into present day. It's great you had a chance to see a Babcock. Any chance you took some pictures of the car?
  15. We're always excited when folks are able to find a nugget of information they never expected to find. Thanks for sharing the picture of the Siddeley!
  16. Hi Craig, Thanks for sharing those links! It's always good to see the surviving cars that are still around, in addition to the literature on them.
  17. Hi TG, Thanks for the interest in our Tumblr posts. Tumblr automatically adjusts the size of the images. If you see a new post that features an article or text that you can't read, feel free to drop us a line. We check the forums every few days, so the quickest way to get us would be by directly contacting the AACA Library. Our phone number is 717-534-2082, and we are open Mon. through Sat., 8 AM - 4 PM (excluding major holidays and some major holiday weekends). I've attached the original scan to this message, but it appears to have reduced the size again. If you email me at mhocker@aaca.org I will send a reply with the original image. Hope this helps! Thank you for reaching out, and have a good one. Sincerely, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian
  18. Hi everyone, If you plan on attending Fall Meet, feel free to visit the AACA Library for some research or just to say hi! On Tuesday, October 6th (4 PM - 7 PM), we will be hosting our 2nd Library Yard Sale event. People often ask if we allow for a preview of the items that will be for sale. In order to keep things fair, we don't hold a preview. However, this year we have a video to share that showcases a few of the items that will be there. You can check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10BQGwvsros -Matthew Hocker, Assistant Librarian, AACA Library & Research Center
  19. Thanks for sharing that. We always appreciate a period perspective. Perhaps it would be fun outside of work... Do you have any pictures of your dad and a Mailster?
  20. Thanks for the kind words, John. Glad you liked it! Regards, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian, AACA Library & Research Center
  21. Hi "X-Frame," I looked through the AACA Library's 1931 Plymouth files. While we do not have an official press photograph, I was able to find an article containing the exact same image (but much better quality). If you would like the scanned article, please email me at: mhocker@aaca.org or give us a call at: 717-534-2082 Hope this helps you out. Regards, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian, AACA Library & Research Center
  22. Hi Bob, I checked our Grant Truck files. Unfortunately, our material is limited to 3 advertisements (we have more material on Grant automobiles). No factory literature either, I'm afraid. If you would like scans of the ads, we would be happy to email them to you. Just send an email to: mhocker@aaca.org According to The Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles, the Grant truck was manufactured by Grant Motor Car Corp of Cleveland, OH from 1918 through 1923. The entry in the book reads: Grant trucks all used 4-cylinder Continental engines with Grant-Lees 3-speed gearboxes and Torbensen rear axles. In 1918, this line included 3/4-, 1 1/2- and 2-tonners on frames with wheelbases up to 160 inches. For 1920, the 3/4-tonners were discontinued. I would suggest your friend reach out to the American Truck Historical Society's Zoe James Memorial Library, since they have quite a bit of material specific to trucks. http://www.aths.org/LibraryHome You will want to contact Library Director, Courtney Cesar-Dery. Her contact information can be found by following the link below: http://www.aths.org/about-us/contact-us Hope this helps you out. Best of luck! Regards, Matthew Hocker Assistant Librarian, AACA Library & Research Center
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