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  1. Ted - sure I remember the Hulk ... Roger here, we've talked through the 7-Litre group. As for Buicks, finding police car info on the 1966-71 full-size models has been tough. I have some of literature which shows options you'd find in police packages, such as HD suspension (towing package), HD cooling (ditto), larger wheels and so on. Yet actually understand what Buick actually offered in their "police package" cars during that period is a different story. For instance, attached is a page from the 1968 Oldsmobile Salesman SPECS book. You can see how it shows which m
  2. Ted - thank you for your input. Good point and makes complete sense. I have all the `66-71 Buick dealership brochures (including Prestige), but didn't notice the difference in wheelbase. That and I'm just not too familiar with Buicks and I'm still catching up. It may take time to find the police brochures which should have good info. But few may exist, especially if they were only distributed as part of the Buick Fleet Leasing & Purchaser book. As for 7-Litres, they were a high-end "gentleman's performance" car. Idea was to compete with the Gran Sport Wildcats and Pon
  3. Larry – thank you for that suggestion. The Sloan Museum is on my radar. My aim is to do more legwork first in order to have a better understanding of what Buick was doing. For instance, I understand Buick’s police package for the 1964 LeSabre was called “Expressway Cruiser”. Did they have the same LeSabre package in 1966-71? Likewise, in 1966-69, did Buick use the 425 & 430 in LeSabre police packages when the lineup only had 340/350s? Hoping to find out more stuff like this, though I may to ask the Sloan Museum instead. NTX5467 – as always, thank you for your inp
  4. For anyone interested in 1966-71 Buick police cars, it's possible that Buick provided information about its police package cars in its "Fleet" packet. Here is an example of what Oldsmobile did. You can see a Police Brochure was included in its Fleet Facts information package for dealerships. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1967-oldsmobile-fleet-facts-mint-440125231 If anyone has additional information or knows anyone who might, I'd truly be grateful. I'm looking for full brochures, spec sheets and so forth which provide all models, codes, engin
  5. Thanks for that reply. Sounds like your enthusiasm is the same as mine! If it helps, I have many of Edwin Sanow's books (and two from Monty McCord), plus I've scoured the police car websites as well as Allpar and others for data and info. Also have several government reports which provide good data/insights along with contacts in the police car collector world who've been advising on bid processes and other nuances back then. Add to that, I've owned several police cars over the years. Still, input is always a good thing and you never know what you can learn. M
  6. Thanks for the replies. Roberta, appreciate the link. That was quick too! NTX5467, agree on the older thread, it may be the one I shared below. Regarding the police car market, hear you. For now my focus is on 1966-71 big-block full-size high-speed pursuit cars mainly because big-blocks were coming into their own and most of the high-speed pursuit cars were large sedans. Initially I considered intermediates but aside from the fact the research was already getting extensive enough, the vast majority of state police and highway patrol agencies during that era used
  7. Hello folks, I am looking for help on 1966-71 Buick cop cars from Buick enthusiasts and experts alike. I've been researching all the full-size, big-block, high-speed cop cars from this era and of them all, Buick has been the most obscure (Mercury too). While other GM makes haven't been easy, I've managed to identify almost all of the full-size big-block cars offered by Chevy, Pontiac and Olds. For Buick, so far I've found all the dealer brochures from 1966-71 which have been good reference. Also found copies of the 1965 & 1970 Buick Facts books. To this point I understand
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