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  1. Thanks Ed. Really good suggestions. I had planned to solder a ground wire onto the ones I have but after seeing these I think I will go your route.
  2. Yes I won't be making this mistake on the right side. Just curious, do you have a suggestion for a OE socket with a ground wire? This is for the front left on a 65.
  3. PROGNOSIS...NEGATIVE.. It's too late for that, the patient's already dead. I destroyed the old socket on my first attempt to remove it. I was finally able to remove it completely with a butane torch and a wrench. So then I put in the "direct OEM replacement" (hahaha) and it still doesn't work. I finally figured out that housing doesn't have a good ground. So probably the entire time it was a poor ground that was causing the issue, not the socket at all. I wouldn't have figured this since it's mounted to the chassis with 3 bolts. Oh well.
  4. Hmm. I thought the one I bought was a direct replacement for what was in there. Any suggestions (tool) on how I should "cut out" the socket that is in there? I need to get old ones out and replace with the what I thought were OEM replacements in there.
  5. 65 Front turn signal assembly - how to remove electrical socket? I have had problems with my front parking lights and turn signals. I ran some tests and found that the socket with the two wire prongs that make contact with the bulb had bad springs and were corroded. I bought new ones but I cannot figure out how to remove the electrical connector from the housing. I didn't want to break it if there is some trick. Here are some pictures to show you what I'm talking about. Thanks to anyone that can tell me what I need to remove them.
  6. This was a custom gangsta color. I bought it that way. That car is sold now - I still have a triple black 65 though. I also had the driver's seat modified in it as well.
  7. Hi Charlie, Body shop did it. I don't have any custom made brackets for sale.
  8. Maybe it's worth it for you that has a concours quality car. This is a #3 driver. I'll live with the holes. Wow talk about ganging up on a guy! I'll be more careful what I post here. I thought we were commiserating about the ridiculous prices on NOS parts? I just bought a very nice chrome wheel center cap for $23.50. That to me is very reasonable.
  9. I called Gene and he has them for get this - $90! I think I'll live with the holes! I think ABANDG is an acronym for abandon dog gone money.
  10. In the RivOwners.org classifieds or member list? What the heck is a ABANDG* ??
  11. Jon, Thanks for the post and the article. I never got any message when calling your number. It just either says all circuits are busy or sometimes rings busy after a long pause. I'll see if this info helps at all otherwise I'll probably just live with a non working choke for the time being. John
  12. I tried this number several times. I can't get through. I think it's a google voice number or something. Do you have a website or email address or a different number? Thanks.
  13. I'm in the market for a GM Purse hook GM Accessory #980590 Anyone got one? Reason being is my car came with holes in the dash and the hook is MIA.
  14. Does anyone offer a swap for a 65 Riv Carter AFB carb? My choke isn't working and I'm told I could use a rebuild. I don't want to send it out and wait - I'd like to have a rebuilt one sent out and then send mine back for the core fee. Thanks.
  15. Thanks to everyone. I've yet to tackle this but it's on my list for this week.