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  1. Is there anywhere else an original serial number would be on the car? Where would a coach builders tag be hidden?
  2. Would the firewall number help any? What other indicators would be the 160 vs 180? I'll be talking to the owner this week and try to get an engine number and more details. I'll probably get more threads going on more of his collection, there are some very unique cars on the property.
  3. Photo attached of the data plate.
  4. Just found a photo of the vehicle number and it starts with 1423. A piece of paper on the windshield says 1941 Packard 180 Deluxe. This car is out of a collection that the owner is starting to sell.
  5. Any guess as to production numbers on these cars?
  6. This is pretty much it for photos on this one. It doesn't run but probably would, it looks to be complete, stored inside for at least 30 years.
  7. Let me start by saying I don't know much about Packards but recognized this as something special. It's a 1941 Packard 180 4 door convertible, dual windshield, rumored to be ordered by a dignitary originally. My only resource on available models is Old Car Price Guide and I don't see this as a model listed. Can anyone shed some light on this car?
  8. I've searched and searched. American Pickers found an identical one and claimed the original color was light blue (closer to white). Similar era Buick signs that I've found with original neon are the light blue. Personally, I think the red neon really pops but is almost obnoxious; the light blue also looks great and seems a little calmer. The good news is the neon shop charges the same either way. Thanks for the input.
  9. I recently picked up my first porcelain sign and am trying to find out what the orignal color of the neon lights would have been. The GM heritage center wasn't able to help on the matter and online sources are 50/50 between red and blue. Overall it's 11' tall and 28" wide. It was a 2 sided sign and I've got 3 of the 4 pieces(you'll notice the "valve in head" portions are mirrored. Something I thought was cool is the date of 6-2-51 is actually written into the glazing-it looks like marker in the photos. Does anyone know what color neon Buick used in the 1950s?