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    1990 TC emergency brake

    It's a "parking brake", not an "emergency brake". Sorry, I had to add this, I used to be an engineer at a company that produced "parking brake assemblies"...and that is the 1st thing they teach you in Park Brake 101 class...
  2. iceman8147

    HOW MUCH GAS........

    I also use only ethanol free gas. If it is going to sit for a while, you can fill it up and add some gas stabilizer.
  3. iceman8147

    Lebaron wagon

    Here is one on E-Bay:
  4. iceman8147

    Window air-leak adjustments

    I haven't really looked at it, but if the window regulator for the rear quarter is anything like the LeBaron's, it is a beast to take out. It was not designed for serviceability. The company I worked for back then produced them in one of our sister plants...I had wanted to change the windows on my Lebaron, and received free test glass from that plant, but when I started the replacement process, I gave up... That is also why you see a lot of old Lebaron's with the "Shark Fins"...the motors on the regulator would quit due to the poor water management...
  5. The release is in the trunk. You can use your tire iron -- left = lock, right = release. If you open up the tonneau, you can "pop" the switches out the back. I've taken mine out to test and need to replace.
  6. iceman8147

    '90 Wheel Center Cap

    Check part number is 4463861
  7. iceman8147

    New to me 1989 TC: Help Needed

    I think dealers abandoned the manuals years ago. I got my manual for my 1990 TC on e-Bay...
  8. iceman8147

    Fuel Hose & Pressure Regulator

    Thanks. The hose I am using is fuel injection hose with the proper clamps. I was an Automotive Engineer for 30+ main question was the hose ID's as I had seen multiple comments on the site regarding the issue.
  9. I intermittently smell gas fumes on my 1990 TC with the V6. The fumes come from under the hood usually after I start it up (but not all the time) and / or when I let it idle for a while. Once I get on the road the fumes disappear ( I know evaporation). I am going to replace the hoses and possibly the fuel pressure regulator. What is (are) the proper hose size(s), and what is the fuel pressure regulator part number for the V6? I see different bits and pieces on this topic in the forum, but most of what I read is related to the turbos... Thanks.
  10. iceman8147

    Fuel Hose & Pressure Regulator

    Thanks. Other than the fumes, it runs like a top. I figure there must be some dry-rot cracks underneath the clamps on the existing hose and when they heat up self seal.
  11. iceman8147

    Soft top lock. Please help me

    You can use your tire wrench. It works perfect...left to lock and right to unlock...
  12. iceman8147

    Oil Change

    I have a 1990 with 43K miles on it. I am about to get the oil changed. Is it safe to change to synthetic?
  13. iceman8147

    Oil Change

    Thanks. That is kind of what I was thinking...but sometimes with older engines, synthetic isn't forgiving. I had a Kia Spectra5 that I used Synthetic...It had 260K miles on it when I finally traded it...
  14. iceman8147

    Want a joke, or a scam?

    Especially with the TC having a white body with must be maroon trim around the engine compartment. WOW...what amazing photography...
  15. iceman8147

    Won't shift

    Back in 1999, it was $1800.
  16. iceman8147

    Won't shift

    I had a '92 Lebaron that had the same issue with I think the same transmission. AAMCO took care of it.
  17. iceman8147

    Windscreen for TC

    Art said he had a patent pending on the wind screen. It works very well -- especially if Lexan is used versus plexiglass...
  18. What is the bulb number for the front turn signal bulbs that are on the front bumper. When I do a search at the auto stores, it varies between 1156, 2057, and a couple other minibulbs. I have my left front turn signal out on the bumper which means it doesn't blink. I would like to get the bulbs before I tear into the replacement.
  19. iceman8147

    Front Turn Signal Bulbs (front bumper)

    For the record, the bulb was bad. HOWEVER...the replacement bulb for the front turn signal and parking lamp is a 1156. A 2057 bulb as listed in the manual must be incorrect as it will not fit in the socket. After I got the front lamps out this morning, I had to make a quick trip in my other car to Advance Auto Parts to get the 1156 bulbs...
  20. iceman8147

    Front Turn Signal Bulbs (front bumper) Saturday morning project...going to Autozone this morning.
  21. iceman8147

    Front Turn Signal Bulbs (front bumper)

    For clarification, I am talking about the bulbs behind the amber lens on the front bumper facia. It is the twin bulbs with the turn signal and parking light.
  22. iceman8147

    Does anyone else daily drive their TC?

    I mainly drive mine on weekends -- especially when it is nice. I live in Florida, though. Usually on (2) Saturdays each month, I'll take it to local car shows. I have 40K miles on it and don't want to put additional wear on some hard to find parts. On the flip side, the more I drive it, the better it drives.
  23. iceman8147

    Trunk Hinges

    Saw this on E-Bay:
  24. iceman8147

    Replacing lost keys??

    At least you didn't hit them with the lawnmower...
  25. iceman8147

    Driver Side Turn Signal

    Just a follow up...both bulbs were working (one was almost black though), but being 25 years old, they were not making good contact. New bulbs, bulb grease, and contact cleaner on both sides have them blinking strong and fast...they were both blinking slow before. The next project will be go through all the bulbs, clean the contacts and put on some bulb grease...