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  1. I'm selling my beautiful 1991 Reatta Convertible. One of only about 150 sold to the public. This car was originally owned for 13 years by Nicola Bulgari the Italian billionaire who has one of the biggest Buick collections in the world. This July the Buick Club of America is at Mr. Bulgari's complex in Allentown, PA. I purchased the car from the Mackenzie's who owned it for 10 years after they bought if from Mr. Bulgari. The car is in beautiful condition. It has 38,000 miles, runs great and looks great. No accidents and everything works properly. I installed a remanufacture
  2. Did you try different fuel by chance. I did notice my Reattas run better on fuel with less ethanol. Try and find a station in your area that sells ethanol free gas. Just a thought. And you have replaced the cruise servo correct? Just making sure you don't have a vac leak in the old unit if it's still hooked up.
  3. Pretty incredible odds that two people who lived in the same small town currently own two of the roughly 149 '91 Reatta convertibles that were sold to the public and were both owned by Mr. Bulgari...
  4. Barney....Your brother isn't Dr. Eaton is it? I grew up in Indy, but my wife grew up in Frankfort. We lived there for 6 years after we got married. We've luved in Lafayette the past 25. My wife taught in the Frankfort schools for 29 years. Dr. Brett Eaton is our Dr.
  5. Have not towed any of my Reattas yet, but I have towed many Allantes on a tow dolly behind my E350 ambulance with no problems.
  6. Hello, I'm curious how many folks are planning on heading to the 50th BCA celebration this July at Bulgari's complex in Allentown? Last summer I purchased the red/tan '91 Reatta convertible (VIN 900437) formerly owned by Mr. Bulgari. I'm thinking of road tripping from Indiana to Allentown in July to reunite my '91 Reatta with Mr. Bulgari. Just curious how many other Reatta owners are thinking of attending?
  7. I used to do that 10 minute flush trick on old cars too. Improvements in oil over the years is probably why modern engines will go 200k miles plus very commonly now. Rislone I believe was essentially kerosene. Rislone is still sold. Gets good reviews.
  8. That seems to be a pretty common thing on Reattas. On my 90 convertible I had this same problem. I took a utlity knife and carefully cut out the black "paper" and cleaned it up and it looks better as just shiney metal.
  9. Just used that as an example. Wasn't trying to pick a fight. Simply posted about the difference in my Hagerty quote from State Farm and my personal experience. I bought my car to simply enjoy and drive. Don't really care if it wins awards or goes up in value. Just don't want to get ripped off by the insurance company.
  10. The insurance cost should be based on the agreed value, it's just a question of how the agreed value is arrived at when setting up the policy which with very low production cars is hard to derive. I had about 10 years of experience dealing with Cadillac Allantes. The '93's always commanded the highest prices because they were the last year of production and because the problematic Bosch electric pump assisted antilock brake system (similar to the Teves system from '88-'90) was scrapped and replaced with a more conventional antilock brake system like in the '91 Reatta.
  11. So far I've had good luck with State Farm with respect to a couple of homeowner claims, some minor auto stuff and a camper claim.
  12. Your red one is also a '90 where mine is a '91 which is 10 times more scarce. I can't expect Hagerty to know every detail about every "collector" car but obviously they didn't know Reatta history very well. They probably don't insure many Reattas for that matter.
  13. I had to send photos to both Hagerty and State Farm. Hagerty initially questioned the $20k valuation. State Farm did not question it. I've used State Farm for 25 years and currently have my homeowners and six vehicles with them, so I'm sure all of those multi-line, multi-car accident free discounts helped a lot.
  14. 2 seater...i think you're luck to consistently find higher octane non-ethanol fuel. Most of the stations in Indiana have 10% ethanol even in the premium fuel except for a few brands like countrymark.
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