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  1. My problem today was that I was painting the hanging parts as they hung and really tired myself out holding the gun up high. Seemed like a proper way of doing things while I was painting but will do something different next time. As you can see I put some primer over the epoxy on the spokes today. Not the most ideal day to paint with the heat and rain in the forecast but I took the parts into my shop once painted with the AC on so hopefully things will stay less humid inside. Getting excited to see some color on the spokes soon. Got a box from Restoration Supply Co. today with the brass trim for my firewall. I'm going to have to build a complete new one as the plywood has delaminated. The brass trim should match the brass handles at the top of the firewall so I'm excited to get that built.
  2. Got a lot of little suspension and brake parts primed yesterday. Will get some top coat on tomorrow and hopefully will be able to shoot some primer on the spokes. Being that I got stalled on this project I am so glad for all the pictures I took while disassembly was going on.
  3. It is a 1936 Ford with three speed stick shift. Not sure if the transmission is original but would be within a year or two of 1936. It is stock.
  4. I need someone to rebuild my original 3 speed transmission. I live near West Palm but anywhere from Orlando south on either coast would be ok. I’ve owned the car for over 50 years and it’s time to restore it.
  5. Thanks for the link. Looks like a great source for the trim and other items I will be needing. I see that they actually have fire wall trim that looks very close to what I need. restorer32. I guess our eyes see what we want as I read it as oval. Thanks!
  6. The story of my car build is on the Building and Projects Forum but I need some help sourcing some brass strips for trim on the firewall. The grab handles have a crown to them and what my Grandfather used to continue the trim is flat. I need 7’ of brass stock 7/8” wide with a 5/16” crown to it. Where can I look for something like this?
  7. I picked up some bolts today from Fastenal and got a few more parts installed on the frame. No pictures today. The next step is to get the rear end painted and installed. Still dodging rain here in S Florida and busy schedule so not sure when I can paint.
  8. No I wasn’t but I went directly to an Urgent Care and got an injection of something and they didn’t last long.
  9. Any idea if this is an ALF radiator shell and if so what year? The off color area is where a homemade emblem was. The headlights came with the radiator.
  10. The place on the radiator shell that is off color is where an emblem was. It was not an ALF emblem and I'm not sure if there was ever and emblem on this shell. Your opinions are appreciated.
  11. Today was a good day. After way to long I was finally able to get out into the shop and do a little work. Because of cost I had the buckets of the headlights powder coated and the rings chromed. The rings were bent and had to be repaired but turned out very nice. I am having a problem with the rings fitting on the light buckets. it seems that either the PC is to thick for the rings to go on or that after all the work on the rings to take the dents out the metal shrunk or isn't perfectly round. I worked a long time but will have to think on this for awhile. The frame is coming along nicely and I really need to get the rear painted. Here in S Florida we are having rain almost everyday so I have to find a three day window to prime and paint within the time window allowed by the paint. Would any of you have any idea of the year and make of the radiator shell in the picture. As I have mentioned earlier in the post I believe the fire truck heritage the parts have are to an American Lafrance but I'm still not sure and definitely do not know the year.
  12. Well after a much to long delay I think I will be back on the project this week. I have had some very trying times but things seem like they will be starting to settle down soon. My dad has been in and out of the hospital way to many times and is in a rest home now. I take him on Tuesday to see a heart specialist to see if they can do a very new procedure that will give him a chance at life. I sure hope it works! The procedure is called a Mitraclip. My granddaughter lives with us while she goes to college and on March 3 of last year her fiancé was killed on his way home from work. A wrong way driver hit him head on and killed him instantly. For these reasons and others I haven't been able to work on my car, my mind just wasn't into it. I have had some chrome work done on the headlights and hubcaps that I will post pictures of soon. If all goes well, I will start back on the car by Wednesday.
  13. Good morning, Yes, I'm leaning more to body color on the firewall as I think that will carry the color through from the body to the hood and forward. The firwall, I'm sure there is another name for it from that age, has a brass trim around the edges with brass grab bars at the corners. This will really make the colors look great. The tire size is 30 x 3.5.
  14. Yes, I'm really having a great time finishing Grandpa's car. It brings back a lot of memories for sure. Doesn't look like I will get anymore work on the spokes done this week, small chance on Friday. Next week I go to Nicaragua for the week so life is busy right now. I work with a ministry that has Spanish language churches in the US, Mexico and Central America. We are buying a building in Managua for a church we have there so next week will be busy. Keep hoping that I will find an antique car while in my travels but most of the places I go didn't have roads way back when.
  15. It may not seem like much but with working two jobs and dodging hurricanes I finally got some epoxy primer on the spokes. I broke down and bought a full body paint suit and new respirator and feel I made a great investment. Hopefully on Monday I can do any body filler needed and then spray some primer on Tuesday. I have most of the chassis pieces painted and ready to start putting things back together. I really need to finish the wheels so I can put it on the ground as I put the chassis together. Still hot here in south Florida so looking forward to winter coming.