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  1. Well, we have made the move to NC and after remodeling a house and trying to get into a groove of caring for the in-laws I have finally had a little time to get my shop in order. I have a lot to do to the shop before it is what I want but I'm making progress. So as to not lose any parts and to make more room for my other cars I put the body on the chassis along with the hood and fenders. It sure looks good and will be nice and cozy sitting in the corner until I can get to it.
  2. Thanks, I'm afraid you are right on the bike. I guess it will remain as yard art to look at as I pass by.
  3. I saw this on Facebook and the fact checker was all upset that what you see happening in the picture wasn’t really happening. They were trying to cover for the electric car propaganda.
  4. Yes Captain Harley I do remember it being painted in a lite color. And yes alsancle that is the car. Funny how a car can so impress a kid that it is remembered almost 60 years later. Now the question is, where is the car today?
  5. Yes, that was the name. As I remember the car had just been restored in England and maybe was being shown for the first time. I was just a kid but it sure made an impression on me. I imagine that we have some home movies of the car somewhere but maybe someone will have some pictures.
  6. About 55 years ago I attended a car show in I think Tarpon Springs, Fl and there was a very early Rolls town car that I believe was owned by the owner of Tampa Nugget Cigars. Seems like the car was a 1912 but what I remember most was the paint scheme. It was painted with vertical strips as I remember. It was a very impressive car. Anybody remember this car and maybe have a picture?
  7. So, the debate is whether this is a heated outhouse, a smoker or as I postulate, a gas furnace?
  8. Try the early V8 side of the Ford Barn forum. Lots of north east guys on there who will probably recognize the car.
  9. It has been a long time since I have posted anything about "Grandpa's" car and I thought I would give you an update. As you can see I have gotten some work done and the car is ready for the motor to be installed and then the body. I don't know if you can zoom in on the pictures but if you do you will see that many of the parts are just tacked together and not finished. I went ahead and tried my hand at painting the firewall and it actually came out pretty nice in my opinion. I need to put some more elbow grease into buffing the radiator cover but all in all the car is coming along. Now the downside. My wife and I are moving to NC to take care of her parents the end of February so this project is going on the back shelf for awhile. Knowing we were moving prompted me to get the car back together as much as possible for the move. I do have my shop and other cars in NC but for the first several months I will be remodeling a house to live in and looking for a job. We will be going from 2 incomes down to 1 so that is going to cut into my restoration budget but it will all work out. My wife stood with me with my dad up until his passing and we will stand together to take care of her parents now. Hopefully down the road I can update you on this project. Thanks so much for your interest! John
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