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  1. Model T Depot Hack. My grandfather and I scavenged parts to build the car modeled after a T he drove to haul laundry in between Okeechobee, Fl. and Ft. Pierce, Fl. Grandpa is gone now but I have the T and my grandson thought it was pretty comfortable to rest on.
  2. Thank you very much for all the good responses. With my budget I think I will just keep on polishing. I’m sure that the car will look good with any shine to the bling. Can’t wait to get it all together!
  3. I'm getting to the point on my build where the brass items are getting buffed. It is a lot of work and after I'm done I'm wondering what is the best way to protect the shine. Do I polish it from time to time or clear coat? What have you done?
  4. Worked about all day in my shop today and outside under my shed roof doing some painting and buffing. Weather has been great this week after a couple weeks of rain. I painted several parts but ran out of primer yesterday so couldn't top coat today all that I needed to. Paint is ordered from Eastwood. I bought myself a HF buffing motor yesterday and tried it out today. It is 1/2 HP and works ok for my needs. I don't really have that much that will fit this setup for buffing but I buffed out the steering column cover and for my first time I think it turned out great. I will do some more work on it but I was very happy to see it shine after way to many years. What are your thoughts on clear coating the brass after buffing? I think the radiator cover will have to be done with a drill motor as it is too big to fit the buffing motor. Don't think I want to stand for however long it will take to buff anyway. Had a setback with one of my rims as I was painting today. It fell into the dirt and of course I had started painting it. Sand down tomorrow and will be ready to repaint when paint arrives. I had enough top coat for what I did today but all out of primer.
  5. I am putting my steering rod back together and think I may be missing a part. The part in question goes inside the rod end and would tighten up against the pitman arm ball. The picture show the one piece I have that is against the spring with the screw in piece at the end to tighten the rod to the Pitman arm. I think my chassis is about a 1919 Chevy but I am not sure. Any idea where I can get this piece or what it is called. I guess I can make it if I have to.
  6. I bought tires for my car today. I had saved up some cash and my wife gave me more for Christmas so I will have Wards Riverside tires in about a week. I am really excited to get the car sitting on rubber again and will post pictures when I get them installed and can push the chassis out into sunlight.
  7. The picture was taken from a home movie and my grandfather is at the wheel.
  8. I am ready to buy tires for my project that is shown in the Restoration section of this site. It is listed as Grandpa's Car. I believe the running gear is from a 1919 Chevy or older but I really do not know. How should I measure the rims to know what size tires I need? I know that one of the old tires was 30x3 1/2 but I have since found that one rim is a little wider than the others. What I do not know is whether this was the rim that held the tire that I saw the size listed above on. My spare rim never had a tire so it may be the wider one. The tires were shot and I threw them away long ago.
  9. Got some work done on the car this week. The rims have a coat of primer and have been spot filled and sanded ready for another coat of primer. I have a jig planned out to hold them for finish painting. We have had a cold front move slowly through S. Florida with a lot of rain and wind so not much painting going on. I installed the steering box today along with the steering arm and rod so I can steer the car now. I see I am missing a part that holds the steering rod onto a ball either on the arm coming down from the steering box or on the front axel. I will try and post a picture of the piece I'm missing. I can make it but if anyone knows where I can buy one it would be a lot easier. The part I'm missing is at the bottom of the picture on the left side of the three pieces. In picture titled Part 3 you can see one of the pieces in the steering rod. Each end of this rod takes two pieces. I think we may see some dryer weather this week. If so I should be able to paint the rims and get them ready for tires. I will give Mac's a call and see if they have any in stock in their Titusville, Fl store and go pick up a couple, if not Lucas Tire has a good price. Good price if you think over $150.00 each is good! I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. My wish is that the new year will bring a quieter year without sickness and death! John
  10. How do you die of carbon monoxide in a Phaeton?
  11. I'm sorry for your health problems. Hope you get it behind you soon. My take on this is that your daughter is ready to learn now. In the past when there were no health issues you were going to last forever. If you can video yourself do your daughter the favor of making her a video of your instructions. She will forever cherish the video and can watch it when needed. This is what I'm doing for my kids.
  12. Well then it is quite possible that Dick Green gave one to my dad also as they were friends. I seem to remember that the building was torn down and many were not happy.
  13. I'm a person of simple tastes. Give me a 1931 Model A 2 Door Phaeton and I would die with a grin on my face!
  14. My brother and I have been dividing my dad's "stuff" after his recent death and one item that I requested is an old brick. The brick as I have always understood came from the floor of the garage where all the old race cars were housed in the beginning of racing at Ormond Beach. I remember going into the garage in the 70's I would guess during the old car show at Ormond Beach. Even raced my 36 Pickup on the beach at that time. My question is, how would my dad have come by this brick? I seem to remember that he was there when they were tearing the garage down or maybe someone was selling them. I would like to have a little history of how he came by it as I plan to make it into a display with some history and hopefully a model of one of the early racers along with it.
  15. The weather has been great and I have gotten some painting done on the rims and other parts. I'm going to have to build some type of jig to hold the rims better for the next coat of primer and then the top coats. To hard to hold the gun and the rim at the same time and difficult to get the proper even coverage. This is a learning process so I guess I'm learning.