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  1. Some more pictures of my cars, curtesy of my dad. Along with a picture of my dad in better days.
  2. Unfortunately another delay has come into my life. My dad passed away this morning. There are so many reasons that I will miss him but introducing me to the old car hobby is definitely one. When I was 16 he bought me an early 30 Ford Roadster Pickup that he and I restored together over an 11 month period. While my peers were out getting into trouble my dad worked with me to restore the truck most every night until he made me go to bed so I could get up for school and then all day on Saturday. The truck won all the AACA awards. My daughter has the truck now. When he started to lose the ability to work on his cars he gave me his 31 Ford Roadster, 36 Ford Deluxe and his 53 Chevy convertible. My brother received dad's 34 Ford Cabriolet. (Brother never liked cars) I certainly am missing dad but I guess I have been missing him for some time since he has been in a nursing home slowly going down. I just hope that I can be as great a guy to my kids and grandkids as my dad was to me.
  3. Thanks for all the info. I hope to get the rims painted real soon. Here is a picture of the inner rim and spokes. I think it will look real good with black tires and rims. .
  4. Thanks for the input. I have been using the Extreme Chassis Black which is the mid grade. It does seem to be very tough. The car I am working on has the chassis from around a 1919 Chevy. It is possible the rims were plated but with my budget they will be painted and not plated.
  5. I have been using Eastwoods Chassis Black for my chassis and running gear parts. I like the paint and have gotten comfortable spraying it. My car has detachable rims and I would like to spray the outer rims with the Chassis Black as it would match the frame and running gear. I can call Eastwoods and get their input but wondered if anyone here has sprayed rims with this paint and what are your thoughts?
  6. Hurricane preparation is mostly out of the way and I was able to work a little on the car today. I hung the front end on the springs freeing up a little floor space or maybe moving one toe tripper from one place to now more of a shin stabber. Hanging the axel with the springs installed was a challenge as I had to draw the springs together and also move one end of the axel toward the back. Some ratchet straps came in handy. Got a little painting done on more chassis parts. If seems the painting will never end. If weather is ok on Monday I should be able to get some more parts painted. I'm waiting on some dry weather so I can paint the rear end outside. When that is done all the little pieces should go together quickly.
  7. The hub jacks are interesting. I'm sure mine will be up on jack stands most of the time as I do not see myself driving the car much at all unless I could get new spokes made at some point. I have made more progress on the wheels and actually have one rear wheel completely back together and ready to install on the rear end once I get it painted and hung. I took another wheel apart as I saw that I had the spokes in 180 degrees wrong. I bought a piece of 3/4 all thread and some nuts and washers and built myself a press to squeeze the spokes together so now that I know what to do and have the proper tools I should be able to get the remaining wheels back together soon. I start back working 5 or 6 days a week again on Monday so time is always short. Now to buy some tires and get the car sitting on its own feet after way to many years.
  8. I should have mentioned that I sanded the paint off the sides of the spokes that go together. That was the only way to get them to go together. Even then had to use a lot of force to gradually work them in place.
  9. Not much to report today as far as volume of work but I did make some great progress in figuring out how to go forward. I was able to get two of the wheels partially back together. There is nothing easy about the process but at least I see that it is possible without stripping off the paint and or powder coat and starting over. I do have a question for you early Chevy guys. The car has two rims with one size holes for the spokes and two with another. Would it be possible that the rims that accept the slightly larger spoke ends would be for the rear or traction wheels? Or since my grandfather was a scavenger could he have gotten rims from two different cars? I was really shocked when I grabbed a rim and a set of spokes and the spokes just rattled around in the ends as they were too big. Work will keep me away from my shop until Thursday but wanted to share the little progress I made. Paul, my garage with the rest of the car is near you in Lexington.
  10. Work has gotten in the way of the project again but I did make a little progress today. I started putting a rear wheel together and found that all the concerns listed above are true and then some. The powder coating while beautiful is going to be a problem for installing the spokes. The spokes while a perfect paint match to the powder coating are to thick on the sides where they join together and where they go into the rims. Today was just a trial run to see what I will have to do. The ends of the spokes that go into the rims will have to be sanded down which isn't a problem. I will sand the sides of the spokes down on my belt sander and then try again, it should go together much better. If I had it to do over again I would not take the wheels apart but now I'm learning as I deal with my mistake. While looking at old family movies I found a few seconds of my car with my grandfather at the wheel. I'm the little kid that just crawled into the back with my dog hoping for a ride. I'm 62 now! I think my car will look great when finished and is a treasure chest of memories.
  11. Your wheels are indeed elegant. At some point my spokes will have some gold leaf stripping to make it look like a fire chief's car. As my car will not be all together for quite some time I will try to get the wheels together now so I can get a rolling chassis in order to transport the car to my garage in NC. It is a very long story but for most of my adult life (if I can be called that) I have worked in ministry mostly in the Hispanic world both here in the states and in Mexico and Central America. I have stepped down from leadership as of February, but have promised to finish some building projects both here in the states and in Guatemala and after that we will be moving to NC to be near our kids. (and my garage) I have at least 2 years of projects. I think you are right that new spokes are a need and will get that done after the car goes north to be finished. (body and motor are up there) I'm also working on a 36 Ford Fordor Deluxe. I guess I'm doing Grandpa's Car first to learn on and give me the confidence to do the 36. While I am based here in Florida I am finishing some of the major components of the 36, mainly the chassis so I can put it all back together when I am living in NC. Frame is Powder Coated. This car has been partially disassembled for over 40 years. I know that this is not ideal but then not everybody does what I do and with the help of a lot of photos this plan is working for me. When I lived in central Mexico I took a 30 Cabriolet into the country knocked down in the back of a 15 passenger van. I found a body man who put it back together for a fraction of what it would cost here. It was in really bad shape! I also took my 30 Ford Roadster PU to the same place and had it painted before giving it to my daughter. Not the best picture of the truck and don't even know who the gent is in the hat. Daughter wanted the truck red. I certainly appreciate your concern and input. I feel I can learn a lot from reading other stories on this Forum and use my page as a source for gaining knowledge and maybe even more, a way to keep me motivated.
  12. Thank you for the input and concern about the paint build up on the spokes. I too have been concerned. the pictures do not show it but I have kept the primer and paint very thin on the sides of the spokes where they connect. If when I put them together I find that I am having alignment problems I figure I can sand the sides down. Not a fun thought but I guess an option. The spokes were very dried out and loose. I understand the paint will not be structural and I may have to get new spokes but the car will mostly be for display at least until I'm satisfied of the integrity of the spokes. A new set of spokes would have been a great improvement for sure. I love the natural wood on your spokes Carl, I had hoped that mine could have been cleaned up to go back natural but they just didn't look good after being stripped. I was planning to wait awhile before putting the wheels together but now you have my curiosity up. I think I will give it a go in the next few days to see what I may be up against. Tomorrow I hope to start painting the rear end as that is the last major chassis part needing paint. This car is a learning experiment for me. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. I finally got some red paint on my spokes yesterday and they turned out very nice. I have never sprayed a single stage urethane before but I have to say that the finish is very smooth and the shine is good. I made a mistake in having my rims powder coated and then matched the paint to the rims. I just wasn't thinking but the color match is great. Now to let them dry for awhile and then put the wheels together. I finished painting most of the small brake parts so I am making progress. The steering box is made of brass and I plan to leave it unpainted so I have been cleaning that up and will do some polishing on it before reinstalling it. The steering column that extends through the firewall is also brass so that is going to be really pretty. In painting the spokes I think that I have decided to not paint the firewall but to make a new one out of oak plywood and varnish it. To fill the grain would be a real time consuming job and I think the natural oak firewall will look nice. This project has had many interruptions and I am so glad that I took lots of pictures before I disassembled the car. Looking back at a picture is sure easier than searching the internet or scratching my head trying to remember where things go.
  14. Got the spokes sanded today and ready for the top coat. I'm really anxious about spraying the top coat but I guess you have to start somewhere. I will be spraying a single stage urethane which hopefully will be somewhat forgiving of my skill level.
  15. My problem today was that I was painting the hanging parts as they hung and really tired myself out holding the gun up high. Seemed like a proper way of doing things while I was painting but will do something different next time. As you can see I put some primer over the epoxy on the spokes today. Not the most ideal day to paint with the heat and rain in the forecast but I took the parts into my shop once painted with the AC on so hopefully things will stay less humid inside. Getting excited to see some color on the spokes soon. Got a box from Restoration Supply Co. today with the brass trim for my firewall. I'm going to have to build a complete new one as the plywood has delaminated. The brass trim should match the brass handles at the top of the firewall so I'm excited to get that built.