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  1. Wow all good suggestions. thank you. I did unplug the Alternator, same issue. However, i did not disconnect the charge wire!!! Will do that next, These alternators have the internal regulator right? Even thought the owner said the radio and clock was disconnected sometime back I suspect it might not be true as well ! The antenna motor is a good one, I'll have to check that. This car does not have the clam head lights, i think thats what you guys call it. As for the fuses, what I meant by cold is any fuse that has no 12 volts on it with the ignition off. I only checked the ones that had constant power (12V) on them all the time and they all indicated zero current flow. Also checked for possible hood and trunk lighs on, none to be found! The next time I'll start at the horn relay and dig deeper. Thank you for all the suggestions. Well he's happy to have a temporary horn fix
  2. Hello every one. An older gentlemen in my car club ownes a 64 riviera which is in pretty good shape. I was recently talking to him and he was anoyed about paying someone to fix his horn and find a battery drain! ~100 bucks later and nothing had been resolved. So I told him I would try to figure it out. The horn was easy, broken wire some where in the stiring column! I put in a bypass wire from the horn relay to and a switch so he would have a horn until we have more time to figure out where the wire break/bad contact/disconnect is. Also removed the new relay that had been installed and re-utilized the original relay setup. nothing wrong with it. He was happy to have the original back. The drain problem is kicking my butt. The drain is small, only .250 Amps which still adds up by the end of the day. 1, with the Ignition on OFF I disconnected every visible connector under the hood, but the drain remained! 2, Lowered the fuse box and located all hot fuses, disconected one by one, same result. 3, no dome lights, trunk or hood bulbs on! 4, Did not get under the dash ( next time) but I was told the radio has been disconnected, so has the clock, neither one works! 5, It has no alarm. My question is what the heck could be drawing exacltly 1/4 amp? Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions. Regards Fred Barreiros Legendary hot rods club member