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  1. Thank you to everyone for your prompt replies and suggestions! I realized it was a bit of a long shot, considering the possible concerns and issues. But your responses give me a bit of hope that we'll find something. At this point, I think we're open to just about anything. We just hope to find someone willing to help us out. We're certainly not so picky as to turn someone down over a color!
  2. I would love to have a classic car for my wedding in October near Charlottesville, Virginia. I'm a transplant from Canada, so I don't know many people in my community yet. I'm hoping that a Virginia car owner would be willing to help me out. Unfortunately, the two nearby places that might rent classic cars are both out of service at the moment. If you own a classic car in the northern Virginia area, or you know someone who does, please consider helping us out. I would treat any car like it was my grandfather's. I was a car show grandkid for many years, and helped my grandpa rebuild his 1964 Impala SS. He also had a '66 Galaxie 500, a '59 Cadillac, a '32 Model B, a '28 Model A hot rod, and a '29 Model A pickup. Unfortunately, his remaining cars are in Canada. If you can offer any information or advice, please let me know. My siblings and I in the Cadillac with Gramps.
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