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  1. I think it will fit, like @Kdirk said ive did research and the owner i bought it from has a reatta so i went over to his house to see if everything was identical i rigged my car to drive i just put a rectangle whole and switched the acturator rod sides so it dosnt hook up to the ignition, to start the car, I push down on rod, 4 latches, only problem is i feel like i use to much pressure sometimes and have to try it like 3-4 times for the car to start, problem started at the gas station one day when i put the key into the ignition it just turned loosely like a grandmas door knob.
  2. I puchased a 1988 buick riv, and i need to buy a steering column because my actuator rod broke.actuator and egnition switch, Anyone trying to sell? If not i was thinking about getting a pust start button added
  3. Looking for anyone who has an extra sitting around need the acculator rod(ignition rod) or would just like to purchase sterring column email : davionkhali@ymail.com phone: (210)883-4164 thanks -San Antonio Tx