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  1. I see it now. After I emailed it I rembered where knuckle was at ( Of course). I've been so caught up with the fan problem that I forgot that I had asked a question about the hubs. It should have said; have not seen that notation on listings for front huge
  2. I checked the relays in the relay center, they were good. The fans are not coming on when the ac is on. Guys you have too bear with me, female little bit of knowledge on repairs, but where the h$&%* is the relay by the fans. I know its on the front but that's the one I can't find. I traced the fan wires and couldn't find it. Would a ecm help? I have abs brakes so on the back they specify if the car does or does not have abs 4wd but so far I have not seen that notation with the from.
  3. My fans won't come on. I direct wired them to the battery and the motors come on. I replaced the tempature sensor, didn't fix the problem. I've been looking for the fan relay, but I've not had much success finding it. What else could I do to get them to come on. Another problem: I just bought front hubs and I didn't know they had abs sensors in them. Do I need to get them with abs or do they not specify on the front like they do on the back hubs.