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  1. I have four 15x7.0 4-ply tires mounted on my model 71 Buick Roadmaster. Each rim has 3 hubcap clips. My spare, which I do not think is original to the car, has a 8.0/8.20-15 tire mounted to it and the rim has 5 hubcap clips. I found replacement clips on eBay. They were designed for a VW but I was able to make them work just fine with a little bending.
  2. From the album: Rims and wheel clips found on my 1941 Buick

    The four mounted tires are on these wheels. Each has 3 clips for the hubcap. I suspect these are original to the car since the car was black as are the wheels. The pinstriping is still on these too. The tire size is 15x7.00 as per the Buick Shop Manual.
  3. Just for the record (and to ask one question) I will weigh in on this. I have a 1941 Roadmaster (model 71). All four mounted wheels have 15 x 7.00 4-Ply tires on them. That would make them 15x5.0" rims as listed in section 10-7 of the Shop Manual. Each rim has 3 clips to hold the hubcap. These rims appear to be original to the car since they are black (original color per data plate; car is now two-tone green) with pinstriping. The single spare has a 8/8.20-15 Suburbanite tire mounted on it. So this would also be a 15" rim. The rim has slots for 5 clips for mounting the hubcap and it is colored red and has no pinstriping. I suspect this is not a 1941 rim. And my question: Were 1941 rims, regardless of size, supplied with 3 hubcap clips? (My spare rim was missing the clips. I purchased 5 clips made for a VW and they fit fine with a little bending - only $8.00)